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K-On! – 06 Review

K-On! – 06 Review

It was going so well, then Mio’s life ended. Or did it?

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K-On! – 05 Review

K-On! – 05 Review

That’s exactly what I said! However, things are heating up, kind of. Plenty of humour and a new supporting character, epic. K-On! did give me more.

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K-On! – 04 Review

K-On! – 04 Review

While I am slightly disappointed on the developing fact that I wont be seeing a great deal of actual band practice the mundane elements on this anime which become the complete opposite do continue to surprise and elude me.

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K-On! – 03 Review

K-On! – 03 Review

Things are getting much better, the kind of stuff I love seeing in a slice-of-life, stuff that makes me really jealous of Japanese culture.

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K-On! – 02 Review

K-On! – 02 Review

I am glad Yui got her guitar, things are progressing well. The slow paced feel of the last episode is gone but only one thing happened this time, and I have already stated it. This slice-of-life is something different.

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K-On! – 01 Review

K-On! – 01 Review

The start has been slow paced but funny at the same time. It’s not really laugh out loud but more of a quirky, awkward and subtle humour. I hope this series has a lot to offer, especially with some of the personalities involved.

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