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Azumanga Daioh – Post-Summary

Azumanga Daioh is the definition of hit and miss, you either like this series for what it’s worth or you don’t. You could like it a bit, but that’s your choice. 

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Danshi Koukousei No Nichijou – Post-Summary

Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou (Daily Lives of High school Boys) kept it coming until the very end, and I literally mean until two seconds before the credits rolled.

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Nisemonogatari – 11 Review (FINAL)

Nisemonogatari – 11 Review (FINAL)

Nisemonogatari, or rather: what-Araragi-does-in-his-study-break-monogatari, ended in a truly addicting manner. By the end of the episode, I had a huge fat grin on my face due to both the gory fight with Kagenui and the resolution, which, in true Bake/Nisemonogatari style was solved with a battle of words; rather than fists – or should I say a bit of both?

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Nisemonogatari – 10 Review

Nisemonogatari – 10 Review

Whoa, some action I never thought i’d see in Nisemonogatari made for a pleasant surprise, along with the already mind crippling logic that these two good-but-maybe-evil-real-con-people presented.

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Nisemonogatari – 09 Review

Nisemonogatari – 09 Review

Episode 09, only two more to go. It’s pretty late in the series and Nisemonogatari shows no signs of weakening as we are introduced to two new characters and haven’t yet seen Tsukihi’s exact involvement with a Phoenix apparition.

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K-On! – 05 Review

K-On! – 05 Review

That’s exactly what I said! However, things are heating up, kind of. Plenty of humour and a new supporting character, epic. K-On! did give me more.

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K-On! – 04 Review

K-On! – 04 Review

While I am slightly disappointed on the developing fact that I wont be seeing a great deal of actual band practice the mundane elements on this anime which become the complete opposite do continue to surprise and elude me.

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Black★Rock Shooter – 03 Review

Black★Rock Shooter – 03 Review

Why do I get the feeling that Saya is evil? Maybe it’s just because she keeps a book with students names checked, and coincidentally those two students are the ones who have other selves in the Otherworld, something Saya also conveniently knows about. Not to mention her constant interaction with that world, especially at the end of the episode. Is Saya Black★Gold Saw aka hellgirl? Definitely.

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K-On! – 03 Review

K-On! – 03 Review

Things are getting much better, the kind of stuff I love seeing in a slice-of-life, stuff that makes me really jealous of Japanese culture.

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K-On! – 02 Review

K-On! – 02 Review

I am glad Yui got her guitar, things are progressing well. The slow paced feel of the last episode is gone but only one thing happened this time, and I have already stated it. This slice-of-life is something different.

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