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Black★Rock Shooter – 06 Review

Black★Rock Shooter – 06 Review

I must say I am shocked at the level of complexity the series has suddenly developed, the unforseen and completely unexpected true nature of Saya and unfolding of events pertaining to the Otherworld made for a great episode, kind of.

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K-On! GIF Update

Hey guys, here is a list of all the pending K-On! GIFs I had to catch up on: (Nisemonogatari and Black★Rock Shooter tomorrow)

Ep 02

Ritsu “Drumming”
Yui Crosses Street
Yui Speaker Scream [Full] – Upload problems, tried three times. Attempting later.
Yui Speaker Scream

Ep 03

Yui Plucks Guitar
Yui Rubs Mio’s Fingers

Ep 04

ETA: 16/02/2012 UTC  + 8.

Ep 05

Yui Moves Finger
Yui Ritsu Mio “It’s Ready– This GIF is 1 337 Kb when viewed under Explorer. Epic.

Ep 06

Mio Trip
Ritsu and Yui Dosukoi
Ritsu Dosukoi
Yui Dosukoi

These have also been added under their respective episode reviews and on the GIFs page. Enjoy.

K-On! – 06 Review

K-On! – 06 Review

It was going so well, then Mio’s life ended. Or did it?

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