K-On! – 04 Review

K-On! – 04 Review

While I am slightly disappointed on the developing fact that I wont be seeing a great deal of actual band practice the mundane elements on this anime which become the complete opposite do continue to surprise and elude me.


This is turning into a series which is more or less the lives of four lovely girls, and the events surrounding their Light Music Club, that is: everything but practice. While there is a host of comedic skits at the start or end of practice that is as far as it goes, we don’t really see anything in-depth and while I wanted to see the group have a jam sesh with some cool low angles, despite them playing poorly at first, the content that replaces this is still lovely and equally or more enjoyable to watch.

The common themes which seem to be embedded into anime of this style are prevalent as well, and despite their dime-a-dozen demeanour it is still entertaining time after time. You know the ones, the subtle and sarcastic jealously of the busty friend, the maid cafe and horror house culture festival ideas and the deep and meaningful discussion in the spa. While these are common they are still enjoyable because it brings out a sense of harmony and peace that dwells in most of us. Who doesn’t want to be with people you can criticise for a joke but later on have a lovely conversation with while relaxing in a hot spa, at the beach on a lovely summer night? No one important, that’s who.

The style is something to commend as well. There is a lot of playful banter and antics which is pleasing and enjoyable because it conveys a very realistic portrayal of what real friends would probably do, be it Japan or anywhere else. The fact that a viewer can relate to this brings them into the series. On more than one occasion I have felt a characters embarrassing moment or laughed at them even though I am of a different gender and the punch line hasn’t no relation to any experience I have ad or ever will. K-On! is doing this so well and every moment like this which passes is as memorable as a tsundere breaking their firewall for a charming and innocent moment.

So while this anime is progressively moving away from it’s musical roots, in that the content on the side is overtaking compared to the aforementioned it by no means drags down any level of enjoyability. I love Japanese culture and this slice-of-life is conveying some of the stuff I would love to do in Japan or any other country and that is why I enjoy it so much.

Episode rating: 7/10


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