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Black★Rock Shooter – 06 Review

Black★Rock Shooter – 06 Review

I must say I am shocked at the level of complexity the series has suddenly developed, the unforseen and completely unexpected true nature of Saya and unfolding of events pertaining to the Otherworld made for a great episode, kind of.

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Black★Rock Shooter – 05 Review

Black★Rock Shooter – 05 Review 

Hey, hey! Yuu seems to have discovered the Otherworld and Mato “travels” to it, or something like that. There wasn’t a great sense of development this episode in terms of plot progression… or was there? It’s hard to say really.

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Black★Rock Shooter – 04 Review

Black★Rock Shooter – 04 Review

While I am no theist I do agree that jealousy is a sin, Yomi is entering some serious turf here and seems to be spiralling into a bottomless pit of anger which seems to be targeted at Mato, why else would we catch a glimpse of an epic battle to come as Black★Rock Shooter and Dead Master prepare to fight to the death (?).

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Black★Rock Shooter – 03 Review

Black★Rock Shooter – 03 Review

Why do I get the feeling that Saya is evil? Maybe it’s just because she keeps a book with students names checked, and coincidentally those two students are the ones who have other selves in the Otherworld, something Saya also conveniently knows about. Not to mention her constant interaction with that world, especially at the end of the episode. Is Saya Black★Gold Saw aka hellgirl? Definitely.

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Black★Rock Shooter – 02 Review

Black★Rock Shooter – 02 Review

This weeks episode of Black★Rock Shooter was a sheer delight, much better from the annoying antics of last weeks. Kagari is still a bitch but she becomes a mixed bag towards the end of the episode which is good. The battles in the Otherworld are making more sense, but I am still confused on a few things. I must be enjoying the anime more because this episode flew by as opposed to last weeks sluggish drag.

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Black Rock Shooter – 01 Review

Turn that smile upside down, give me some angry eyes and add an exclamation mark on the end and you have my reaction!

Black Rock Shooter – 01 Review

I haven’t watched the OVA for this series because I only found out about it on February 3rd, turns out you don’t need the OVA though and apparently you need to be a genius to understand what is going on once you get past the crappy character interaction and unnatural personalities of each, not to mention the bitch (literally) in the wheel char, you know the one: Kagari.

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