K-On! – 06 Review

K-On! – 06 Review

It was going so well, then Mio’s life ended. Or did it?


The preview for this episode from the last led me to believe that this would be the most spectacular failure in the history of in-anime-life!

[…] I highly anticipate the biggest and most embarrassing stuff up known to anime-kind.

It was lovely to be so wrong yet slightly right at the same time. While the girls did initially procrastinate it is understandable. These are likeable people who have a likeable attitude and their devotion to their class stalls when they should be rehearsing is commendable. While that is something very minor it does serve to increase the reputation they hold to any viewers of this series, as well as the series in general. It just gets better and better. The small things are just as important as the big.


Let’s not beat around the bush here, this episode was clearly about Mio and the concert was merely a lovely, entertaining and unpredictable (?) media to convey this. Let’s be concise, Mio overcame her shyness and it was amazing to see just how she did it. The courage she coughed up to stand up in front of those people in that dress and sing that marshmallow song to them is commendable, especially to myself. I know I couldn’t sing a song, even a normal one, in front of a group that size. I shall say it once and repeat it a thousand times: this anime is good because it hits on the real world issues people who watch it may face. Shyness, friends, life in general. If you take that all and stick it into something you love to watch, with characters who you aspire to be as noble as then bam! You have gold. Gold I say!

More to the point, at the concert, and beforehand, Mio was working hard and to finally see and hear the band play added that extra slice of magic to the moment. Ritsu’s pre-concert member introduction got me so worked up I almost had to stand up I was that excited to see them play, really. It was surprising to see that the band played so well. Yui didn’t make a foolish blunder and as I mentioned Mio did sing, and she sung well. It all came down in spectacular hilarity as she was walking off the stage, feeling ever so confident that she was able to do what she did I immediately predicted she would trip over it came true. The best part is that she fell panties facing the audience! Please don’t mistake me for a pervert (Araragi) because we don’t actually see them but to feel her emotions in the moment, and knowing that there was the one guy in the audience who took her picture is an amazing feeling. Mio is back at square one, crying on the floor again.

Despite her gaining a fan club over her accident at the festival concert I feel she won’t lose her confidence and charm, even if we see the build up to confidence or her “usual” self all over again. I mean, this anime does do a spectacular job of making trivial issues look so layered and deep. While I don’t know what the rest of this anime holds other than more practice and procrastination and that big concert at the <dome name here> (hopefully) I think there is still plenty more to see. Why else would the producers chuck such a lavish moment almost dead-centre in the series? It’s almost like a cryptic message: “Hey guys, we are going to get better. This series is going to really pick up from the already amazing platform it has built for itself. Expect it”. Yes, I do Mr and Mrs. Producers. I expect more, more of the K-On! I am discovering and loving ever so much.

Episode rating: 9/10

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Mio Trip
Ritsu and Yui Dosukoi
Ritsu Dosukoi
Yui Dosukoi

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