K-On! – 05 Review

K-On! – 05 Review

That’s exactly what I said! However, things are heating up, kind of. Plenty of humour and a new supporting character, epic. K-On! did give me more.


There’s plenty of humour this episode as usual, and contrary to what I said around episode 1 and 2.

I will quickly find out if it is good or not based on how old any humour becomes, especially if it is recycled or is a different take on the same punch.

The humour just gets better and better. The style is improving as well, the abundance of quirky gimmicks which make each character shine are amazing to behold and second only to the dialogue which continues to master the trivial issues, albeit they do seem to be recessing, but this doesn’t matter because it was good anyway!

Tsumugi did seem to staring at Sawako the fiery ex-rock junkie and new club supervisor a lot this episode. Behind Sawako’s charm and respectable (?) nature lies the wild, wild, wild, wild, wild, wild, wild, girl underneath. So crazy she is able to rock alien-eagle-bull-Indian-African head-gear at a rock concert and still draw a huge crowd. But what is all that when her love doesn’t accept her because she was on the extreme ends of a wild personality and not in that sweet juicy spot? She is ashamed of her past and maybe dreams of a time when she could play the guitar like a normal person, who knows. Nonetheless she was hilarious and her ability to bring the girls to their knees is godly.

There is one thing I am missing though, Tsumugi. It turns out she doesn’t mind some girl-on-girl action. Lesbian. What does this mean for the rest of the crew? Is Tsumugi secretly staring at Mio’s chest 24/7? It is fairly impressive after all. I shall definitely be keeping an eye on her in future episodes (Tsumugi that is, dirty people), but I don’t expect anything to happen as she is the submissive and the kind-hearted type, a key personality in this slice-of-life-action-packed anime.

There is yet another lovely edition which keeps on repeating itself, but in moderation. Mio scared on the floor has got to be the cutest thing I have ever seen and does add some shallow humour, when you break off staring at her chibi. It’s a nice ice breaker and something to look forward to in each episode, even if it doesn’t always make an appearance.

Rather interestingly the band does seem to be semi-ready for the festival ahead and with absolutely no practice we have yet to see! Mio is lined up to sing her embarrassing marshmallow song on stage and I highly anticipate the biggest and most embarrassing stuff up known to anime-kind. Episode 6 should serve to be the pinnacle of hilarity, or the god of surprise.

Episode rating: 8.2/10

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Yui Moves Finger
Yui Ritsu Mio “It’s Ready” – This GIF is 1 337 Kb when viewed under Explorer. Epic.

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