K-On! – 03 Review

K-On! – 03 Review

Things are getting much better, the kind of stuff I love seeing in a slice-of-life, stuff that makes me really jealous of Japanese culture.


The introduction of some drama has really increased the level of interest and depth in the plot, albeit still shallow but it is the early stage of the series so that’s fine. The scenery has been lovely this episode as well, the shots of the glistening water and green trees as Yui and Nodoka walk home, very pretty. The charm and general demeanour of this series is one that cannot be overlooked and if you like that style you will be left wanting more, I know I want to watch this badly now. It’s a shame I have other things to do like work though, not everyone gets what they want, except for Yui that is.

So far this series has been a kind of cake that get’s better as you eat the deeper layers, and I am a fat man wanting more cake. I love slice-of-life, deeply, and the style this series is developing is hitting most of the marks for me. Yui really does lighten the mood with her playful and childish antics and each time the group moves closer to having their first jam a level of anticipation increases, I just hope that musical content does become a norm and not a rarity. I want to see the band develop just as much as I want to see the characters lives, having only half of the picture leaves the painted image rather bloated and bland, you don’t want to see the same thing over and over. That said, this episode seems to tear up the carefully laid floor of the previous episodes as a lot more content is being put into each episode, this is a good thing and I hope it continues to a greater height.

With all that said K-On! is doing what a good slice-of-life should do, it brings the more mediocre aspects of your, yes your life and makes them interesting and fun to watch. It’s obvious how well this is done because in what other world would someone find a girl failing and studying for a test while rolling around on her bed epic? Oh, excuse me that is in and of itself.

Give me more K-On!

Episode rating: 7/10

GIFs: 2

Yui Plucks Guitar
Yui Rubs Mio’s Fingers

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