Nisemonogatari – 11 Review (FINAL)

Nisemonogatari – 11 Review (FINAL)

Nisemonogatari, or rather: what-Araragi-does-in-his-study-break-monogatari, ended in a truly addicting manner. By the end of the episode, I had a huge fat grin on my face due to both the gory fight with Kagenui and the resolution, which, in true Bake/Nisemonogatari style was solved with a battle of words; rather than fists – or should I say a bit of both?


In the final episode of a series you usually expect things to die off from the get go. The episode picks off from roughly exactly where it left off and everyone is happy, or sad, as school ends or whatever is going on. Nisemonogatari, or rather NisiOisiN and by extension the lovely studio that animated it, SHAFT, disregard all of these stereotypes and taboos. Instead, we are presented with yet more information; an unexpected fight scene of magnitude which could rival the known universe; and a rather pleasing end to a series which will continue to rope people back in to their death by pleasure.

The cinematic at the start was a lovely accompaniment to the final episode. We got a kind of summary mixed with new information which made for a splendid display and concise story, something to immediately get you into the ball park and hit a home run stating: “This may be the end, but it isn’t going to die down that quickly,” and nor did it.

Araragi shamelessly kissing his sister to determine if she is as he expects is a polite way of saying he wanted to, disregard anything he else he says. I think he is slightly upset with the fact that he has not been able to lure Tsukihi into his grips with his constant display of justice, or is that bound to another root? Maybe that is because Tsukihi is a fake which is realer than real. Whatever it is Araragi’s fight for Tsukihi to “kill some time.” was a rather unexpected event, for what happened that is.

Again, to be approaching the end of the series in a matter of minutes and having such a gruelling fight scene is another reason to pay good attention to Nisemonogatari. It keeps on delivering. More. More. More. Unlike most animes Nisemonogatari doesn’t want to die off in the abrupt manner one would expect from a syndicate pursuit team firing a cannon at you, instead it wants to offer a completely radical and new type of action which was previously replaced with, by majority vote, words. This blend of physical and verbal fisticuffs made for a gripping a truly entertaining and brain teasing event.

A common theme in Nisemonogatari that kept on popping up, let alone in the series name, is the idea of what it means to be a fake. Truly, we are left guessing until the very end, while Araragi performs a few actions to determine his opinion on the matter, as explained; it is a well-planned attack – especially in light of Kagenui’s unrelenting hypocrisy. This is a women who prides herself on wondering around defeating the fakes of society because of their evil nature, yet she uses the supposed indistinguishable nature of a fake to cover up her motives while later bashing Kaiki’s explanation despite her previous actions, let alone her motive. Maybe she just does this because most people would find a fake, fake trying to be real and “the real” indistinguishable but to cover up so badly in light of finding and meddling with someone who does know the difference, and whose only motive of fighting is because of his sisters, is a real shame. Her calculating and sinister style as evidenced by her killer moves is all fine but she seems to be a blunt pencil in the world of Araragi and his harem. I think her conceding in the end was more of a personal realisation. She cannot fool Araragi so there is no need to continue trying.

I find it rather noble how each villain in the series tends to step down politely after losing an epic battle of words, fists or both. It gives a real sense of respect and a unique demeanour to these people who realise their flaws or loss and just get on with it rather than thundering their battle cry and screaming in fury trying to claw back any sense of dignity which was relinquished in their undeniable defeat.

In the end we are given many things. The glimpse of Shinobu in her teenage years (how Araragi is able to resist that I will never know), a pseudo-epilogue showing Kanbaru as Araragi’s girlfriend and the completely compelling and intellectually rich idea of an indistinguishable fake possibly being worth more than or the same amount as the real thing. Behind that idea lie many noble motives and because of this and a whole lot more Nisemonogatari has proven itself to be a truly gripping and overly satisfying (in a good way) anime.

Episode rating: 11/10

Series rating: 103% (113/110)

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