K-On! – 01 Review

K-On! – 01 Review

The start has been slow paced but funny at the same time. It’s not really laugh out loud but more of a quirky, awkward and subtle humour. I hope this series has a lot to offer, especially with some of the personalities involved.


There’s not really much to say on the first episode because the pace was so slow, scenes were repeated and only one thing happened; Yui joined the Light Music Club. Despite all of this the humour in the episode was excellent, but I do hope it becomes more than just humour or the reviews for this will fall into a realm of repercussion repetition.

As I said before, the humour is very subtle in that it will neither make you cry for mercy nor laugh-out-loud. This is a good thing because there is more to offer in the long run rather than a host of amazing comedic skits which quickly become old. At the same time this is a slice-of-life series so subtle and quirky styles can become old in just the same way due to the nature of these types of anime, these people are being themselves and if these jokes are a direct by-product of their personality it will become old and develop into a filler. I will quickly find out if it is good or not based on how old any humour becomes, especially if it is recycled or is a different take on the same punch.

I especially like Yui’s unrelenting klutz-y-ness, she seems so awkward and I was embarrassed for her in more ways than one this episode. Especially in the office with the flyers.

In terms of character personality Yui appears to be the idiot, Ritsu comes off as the overly energetic one while Mio is her childhood sense of personal restraint and Tsumugi… she’s the gentle soul. This is very similar to Azumanga Daioh’s character palate and I really do hope it doesn’t become a comedy-only series.

That is all for now, whether there is a more lengthy review next time is unknown, this was the first episode after all and I cannot really judge if the series itself will be this sluggish in development and portrayal.

Episode rating: 7/10

GIFs: 2

Yui waiting at the train stop jumping.
Yui walking in the school stupidly.

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