More Writers? Number of Reviews?

Hey guys,

Well as you may or may not know I am the only writer here and that’s fine, I am not being snobby saying, “pssh, need more.” It was never my plan to get people to write for but if people want to apply or join in then do so because this offers a more constant and defined flow of reviews, that is:

  1. More reviews (both in series and number).
  2. Less chance of breaks in reviews (not relying on one person).

Concerning the number of reviews, I am starting uni around July 30th so depending on how busy I am to comfortably review series I may or may not have to narrow  my spectrum for the season following.

Writing reviews for me is a way of improving my writing ability and voicing my opinion, not a chore which I have to do with the attitude of “getting it over with.”

All this said and done I haven’t felt like this was a chore at all so far (and I highly doubt I will), for those of you who may interpret this post in that way.

So if you want to join the team and write some reviews, or know someone who is looking to tell them to apply :D

Info is on the “About” page.




About ツ.jp

Just some Australian who loves everything about Japan, especially the anime.

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