K-On! – 02 Review

K-On! – 02 Review

I am glad Yui got her guitar, things are progressing well. The slow paced feel of the last episode is gone but only one thing happened this time, and I have already stated it. This slice-of-life is something different.


It’s not that bad to only tackle one topic an episode, but it does make the content rather… plain. We get some background information on the four band members, Mio, Ritsu and Tsumugi and see them progress to and eventually attain Yui’s desired guitar but that’s about it. Nothing has really happened so far, the plot is paddling about in the kiddy pool and most of the content derives from tea parties in the club room and Yui spacing out in public or staring at her guitar.

I do hope it develops some essence, some deeper connection between episodes. It’s not that it has been bad at the moment, it’s quite good for a slice-of-life series so far but as I said last time if the road is a straight one I can expect to become bored alongside developing a lack of motivation for watching the series.

There is hope in that the last episode was full of attempted and successful comedy skits while this was a more subtle and down to Earth approach, but there wasn’t any less of Yui’s mindless sidetracking.

I do hope they make the live show before they graduate, if there is hard practice full of ups and downs as they try this will become amazingly enticing. However, something tells me that between Mio’s stage fear and Yui’s sidetracking nature practice will be on the lesser end of time spent on activities in the club room.

I must stress though, I want to see something more interesting. Something deeper. Something to talk about and dwell on.

Episode rating: 7/10

GIFs: 3 (4)

Ritsu “Drumming”
Yui Crosses Street
Yui Speaker Scream [Full] – Upload problems, tried three times. Attempting again tomorrow.
Yui Speaker Scream

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