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All Monogatari LRs To Be Animated?

I have yet to confirm this via a source.

Update: Confirmed via this source:

It’s just days before I leave to Japan, but I couldn’t resist posting this (and the final Nisemonogatari review). I have no idea if this is true, as the caption says I have yet to confirm this via any kind of source, and I have searched for a bit.

All I can say is, if this does happen I will probably die from excitement. I don’t read LRs or Manga mainly because of my experiences with books and movies so I will have to wait for these to be released, if it is true, and that alone is exciting because I know the wait will be worth it.

Nisemonogatari – 07 Review

Nisemonogatari – 07 Review

What a lovely conclusion to the Karen bee saga, a fight between Ararararagi and Karen, the tsundere-ness of Hitagi or lack thereof and the slick and sly nature of Kaiki, everything a good anime Nisemonogatari usually has and more.

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Nisemonogatari – 06 Review

Nisemonogatari – 06 Review

I think it’s pretty obvious that this series is going to score 100%, there has been nothing to disappoint so far. Each episode just adds more content which is tuned so perfectly you could only call it a fan-service as an insult. Shinobu appears to be making regular appearances, and by God are they amazing. What’s more is that we are seeing some breaks in Hitagi’s “tsundere-ing”, but don’t be fooled as these are far and few between. SHAFT knows how to make us ache and hurt for more.

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