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Nisemonogatari – 11 Review (FINAL)

Nisemonogatari – 11 Review (FINAL)

Nisemonogatari, or rather: what-Araragi-does-in-his-study-break-monogatari, ended in a truly addicting manner. By the end of the episode, I had a huge fat grin on my face due to both the gory fight with Kagenui and the resolution, which, in true Bake/Nisemonogatari style was solved with a battle of words; rather than fists – or should I say a bit of both?

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All Monogatari LRs To Be Animated?

I have yet to confirm this via a source.

Update: Confirmed via this source:

It’s just days before I leave to Japan, but I couldn’t resist posting this (and the final Nisemonogatari review). I have no idea if this is true, as the caption says I have yet to confirm this via any kind of source, and I have searched for a bit.

All I can say is, if this does happen I will probably die from excitement. I don’t read LRs or Manga mainly because of my experiences with books and movies so I will have to wait for these to be released, if it is true, and that alone is exciting because I know the wait will be worth it.

Nisemonogatari – 10 Review

Nisemonogatari – 10 Review

Whoa, some action I never thought i’d see in Nisemonogatari made for a pleasant surprise, along with the already mind crippling logic that these two good-but-maybe-evil-real-con-people presented.

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Nisemonogatari – 09 Review

Nisemonogatari – 09 Review

Episode 09, only two more to go. It’s pretty late in the series and Nisemonogatari shows no signs of weakening as we are introduced to two new characters and haven’t yet seen Tsukihi’s exact involvement with a Phoenix apparition.

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Nisemonogatari – 08 Review

Nisemonogatari – 08 Review

It’s Tsukihi’s turn now, her saga has begun but by God what has happened. I will never be able to brush my teeth again without feeling that level of excitement and… well… I don’t what exactly I was feeling. Also, the OP for Tsukihi isn’t as good as Karen’s. D:, although I could like it with repetition. I mean, I hated the Baccano! OP the first time I heard it, and I love that tune now. A lot.

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Nisemonogatari – 07 Review

Nisemonogatari – 07 Review

What a lovely conclusion to the Karen bee saga, a fight between Ararararagi and Karen, the tsundere-ness of Hitagi or lack thereof and the slick and sly nature of Kaiki, everything a good anime Nisemonogatari usually has and more.

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Nisemonogatari – 06 Review

Nisemonogatari – 06 Review

I think it’s pretty obvious that this series is going to score 100%, there has been nothing to disappoint so far. Each episode just adds more content which is tuned so perfectly you could only call it a fan-service as an insult. Shinobu appears to be making regular appearances, and by God are they amazing. What’s more is that we are seeing some breaks in Hitagi’s “tsundere-ing”, but don’t be fooled as these are far and few between. SHAFT knows how to make us ache and hurt for more.

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Nisemonogatari – 05 Review

Nisemonogatari – 05 Review

Yoshi! More Shinobu, more drama. Kaiki does come off somewhat like The Joker for me and that’s very appealing because I loved The Dark Knight, and I love Nisemonogatari!

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Nisemonogatari – 04 Review

Nisemonogatari – 04 Review

Some clever humour and reasonable points explained, yet more raised. This series just keeps getting better and better. We finally see the apparition that Karen is involved with and Shinobu finally speaks! Yay!

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Nisemonogatari – 03 Review

Nisemonogatari – 03 Review

While we still don’t see exactly what has happened to Karen we know. Kaiki has arrived in town, Karen calls Araragi for help and Hitagi explains Kaiki’s background. Furthermore Hanekawa is involved in something we don’t know about. This episode is building up the tension so much that I am ready to explode.

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