Nisemonogatari – 10 Review

Nisemonogatari – 10 Review

Whoa, some action I never thought i’d see in Nisemonogatari made for a pleasant surprise, along with the already mind crippling logic that these two good-but-maybe-evil-real-con-people presented.

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GIF Downloads

GIFs can now be downloaded as a pack.

They will be added episode by episode as .RAR only. After the final episode has been completed the entire season of that anime’s GIFs will be downloadable, to save the hassle of going through each and every episode.


Nisemonogatari – 09 Review

Nisemonogatari – 09 Review

Episode 09, only two more to go. It’s pretty late in the series and Nisemonogatari shows no signs of weakening as we are introduced to two new characters and haven’t yet seen Tsukihi’s exact involvement with a Phoenix apparition.

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Proper Anime GIF Tutorial

If you want to know how to make a proper anime GIFs and not something (on the left) but rather the item on the right then watch this:


GIFs (both can be found on the GIFs page);

Good Quality

Bad Quality

More Delays

I know I am a broken record but I just feel bad not telling you guys why.

As I have said the time for the Japan trip is nearing so preparation is crazy and such, that is the reason for the gaps in my current “daily” schedule. That is also why I haven’t done Nisemonogatari and the rest of the GIFs which I am starting right… now later :S

K-On! GIF Update

Hey guys, here is a list of all the pending K-On! GIFs I had to catch up on: (Nisemonogatari and Black★Rock Shooter tomorrow)

Ep 02

Ritsu “Drumming”
Yui Crosses Street
Yui Speaker Scream [Full] – Upload problems, tried three times. Attempting later.
Yui Speaker Scream

Ep 03

Yui Plucks Guitar
Yui Rubs Mio’s Fingers

Ep 04

ETA: 16/02/2012 UTC  + 8.

Ep 05

Yui Moves Finger
Yui Ritsu Mio “It’s Ready– This GIF is 1 337 Kb when viewed under Explorer. Epic.

Ep 06

Mio Trip
Ritsu and Yui Dosukoi
Ritsu Dosukoi
Yui Dosukoi

These have also been added under their respective episode reviews and on the GIFs page. Enjoy.


Sorry for the late reviews, my internet went down for some reason so I couldn’t post anything.

All of the GIFs I have put under “TBA” are finally being made… today. So check out the GIFs page later on if that is your thing. I will post again when I have published all of them. Each time I update GIFs, which will be episode by episode from now on will result in a post (at the end of the week) explaining just what content I have added throughout the preceding 7 days.

So just a mini-template of what will become a member of the larger archive that is the GIFs page.

Look forward to it, children.

UDATE: GIFs update change.

Black★Rock Shooter – 05 Review

Black★Rock Shooter – 05 Review 

Hey, hey! Yuu seems to have discovered the Otherworld and Mato “travels” to it, or something like that. There wasn’t a great sense of development this episode in terms of plot progression… or was there? It’s hard to say really.

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Black★Rock Shooter – 04 Review

Black★Rock Shooter – 04 Review

While I am no theist I do agree that jealousy is a sin, Yomi is entering some serious turf here and seems to be spiralling into a bottomless pit of anger which seems to be targeted at Mato, why else would we catch a glimpse of an epic battle to come as Black★Rock Shooter and Dead Master prepare to fight to the death (?).

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Nisemonogatari – 08 Review

Nisemonogatari – 08 Review

It’s Tsukihi’s turn now, her saga has begun but by God what has happened. I will never be able to brush my teeth again without feeling that level of excitement and… well… I don’t what exactly I was feeling. Also, the OP for Tsukihi isn’t as good as Karen’s. D:, although I could like it with repetition. I mean, I hated the Baccano! OP the first time I heard it, and I love that tune now. A lot.

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