BE AWARE: This page is undergoing heavy reconstruction, mainly linking to the anime review for GIF links rather than displaying them on this page. Please ignore any inconsistencies until reconstruction is done.

Here you can find all the GIFs I have made for various anime series. Under each season, listed in descending years, there is the name of the anime in question and below are all associated GIFs I have made for that series.

IMPORTANT: Some of these were made before I honed my knowledge of GIF making, everything that isn’t attributed with [B4] is the standard I use now. All [B4] GIFs will be at the top of their categories, everything else is listed in episode order.

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Winter 2012 [2012W]

Black★Rock Shooter [ blarocsho ]

Ep 06 [ download ] – 47 MiB / 21 GIFs

Danshi Koukousei No Nichijou [ dankounonic ]

Content coming….

Nisemonogatari [ nisemon ]


Araragi’s hair swinging sideways – EP 01 [B4]
Karen does handstand, Araragi jumps her – EP 02 [B4]
Araragi* breaks his bonds – EP 03 [B4]

Ep 09 [ download ] – 61 MiB / 23 GIFs

Ep 10 [ download ] – 108 MiB / 44 GIFs

Spring 2012 [2012SP]

None so far….

Summer 2012 [2012SU]

None so far….

Autumn 2012 [2012A]

None so far….


All 2010 [ 2010A ]

K-On! [ kon ]

Ep 01

Yui waiting at the train stop jumping
Yui walking in the school stupidly

Ep 02

Ritsu “Drumming”
Yui Crosses Street
Yui Speaker Scream [Full] – Upload problems, tried three times. Attempting again later.
Yui Speaker Scream

Ep 03

Yui Plucks Guitar
Yui Rubs Mio’s Fingers

Ep 04


Ep 05

Yui Moves Finger
Yui Ritsu Mio “It’s Ready” – This GIF is 1 337 Kb when viewed under Explorer. Epic.

Ep 06

Mio Trip
Ritsu and Yui Dosukoi
Ritsu Dosukoi
Yui Dosukoi


All 2002 [ 2002A ]

Azumanga Daioh [ azudai ]

Yukari having a fit on the floor – EP 05 [B4]
“Osaka” spacing out at the train station – EP 05 [B4]
Tomo excited about the cars – EP 05 [B4]
“Osaka” distracting everyone – EP 05 [B4]


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