Nisemonogatari – 10 Review

Nisemonogatari – 10 Review

Whoa, some action I never thought i’d see in Nisemonogatari made for a pleasant surprise, along with the already mind crippling logic that these two good-but-maybe-evil-real-con-people presented.


Things started out lightly as we were once again graced with Shinobu’s presence; but not a mere brief scene or two but the entire episode. This alone would’ve brought the rating up into orbit but what else was presented is divine in and of itself. Shinobu’s love of donuts is a fascinating one, along with her rather mature and unusually fitting voice. The entire character of Shinobu just makes sense because of how unique and naturally fascinating it is, not to mention that it is part of one of the greatest animes of all time. I cannot help but want to come back for more, just to re-watch segments of this episode to hear her talk and move as gracefully as she does. Heck, even SHAFT knows about this being canny enough to slap on some classical music during her appearance and proposal for donuts.

In spite of all the sexual provocativeness throughout the series, which until recently was a tease, I cannot help but wonder if Shinobu was actually proposing giving her virginity (?) to Araragi, I think that just goes to show how much she really, really wants those donuts, or maybe she genuinely has some feelings? They have embraced more than once, and Araragi cannot woo every girl he meets as evidenced by his sisters (Tsukihi) lack of interest in him.

Tsukihi has consistently been left out of the lime-light, and her saga is significantly shorter than Karen’s, being that there is only one episode left to finish it and the series as well, and instead of developing the story further Araragi continues to dwell on his sexual desire to feel every single attractive girl he meets, “family” or not. Tsukihi even makes fun of his predatory nature, in essence his “Juvi Hunting” and he doesn’t care, moreover, she doesn’t either. These are just more reasons to love Nisemonogatari, let alone this episode. The relationship between Araragi and Tsukihi has always been different to that of Karen or any other heroine in the series and that stems mainly from the lack of development from Tsukihi’s actions, and her attitude. Where was the bludgeoning from the Toothbrush scene? Tsukihi didn’t even seem to care – or she was very good at hiding it. I did find it rather hilarious when Araragi leaves the house after casually molesting his sister, by spontaneously stripping her, scouting her body for scares and feeling her breasts “Just Because”. There was value in this though, as there is always is with sexual content in Nisemonogatari, it turns out Tsukihi is head over heels in love with her boyfriend Rosokuzawa. To date she is the only woman Araragi hasn’t been able to woo with his attitude towards justice, and he seems rather upset by this.


The encounter with Kaiki in the donut shop halfway in the desert was as gloomy as ever, I mean come it had Kaiki in it. The swashbuckling con artist was as sly as ever demanding payment from Araragi for information concerning Kagenui Yodzuru and Ononki Yotsuhi. Turns out I was right that their names, well half-right, were too ludicrous to be real but what does Oshino have to do with this? It’s pretty obvious that Kaiki knows Oshino when he said he knew someone “[…] who thinks they know […]” about the supernatural but is Oshino the leader of the Good-Guy-Club which goes around exterminating con apparitions and supernatural beings? Kagenui and Ononki don’t come off as the good guys, and I am sceptical as to just how real their claims of justice are. They are talking to the patriarch of justice himself about killing his sister, who is actually an evil phoenix and they don’t even go into extreme detail about why. For Tsukihi to have always been the phoenix is strange in and of itself, how did “she” embed herself into the Araragi family in the first place? Between all of the neck snapping and crazy changes in emotion Kagenui and Ononki display every other frame I think it’s a bit too early to judge just what is going on here, exactly. My gut tells me that these two are evil, and Tsukihi is merely the victim of an apparition, not the embodiment of one. I guess that’s just my inner fan speaking though. I don’t want to lose Tsukihi and I cannot see how she has been a phoenix, nor can I see any spec of good in the other two. But both they and Karen seem to convey the opposite. Very interesting to say the least.

Episode rating: 11/10

GIFs: 43 / ~44

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~00:10 Shinobu Coming Out Of Shadow (REVERSE) - DONE @
~00:15 Shinobu Rolling - DONE @
~00:19 Shinobu Turning (REVERSE (1), EDITED (1), 2) - DONE - 1 @
                                                           - 2 @ [Reverse, Edited]
~03:37 Tsukihi Talking - DONE @
~03:47 Tsukihi Sninning (EDITED) - DONE @
~03:55 Tsukihi Licking Lid - DONE @
~04:09 Araragi Sitting (REVERSE, EDITED) - DONE @
~04:10 Tsukihi Swirling Ice Cream - DONE @
~04:27 Tsukihi Eating Ice Cream - DONE @
~05:16 Bully - DONE @
~05:40 Tsukihi Head Turning - DONE @
~06:45 Tsukihi Swirling - DONE @
~06:47 Tsukihi Sirling 2 - PENDING CHECK BACK ON 16/02/2012 UTC + 8 (LOT'S OF WORK REQUIRED FOR THIS ONE).
~07:11 Araragi Scouting Eye - DONE @
~07:25 Araragi Grabbing Tsukihi's Boobs (EDITED (1), 2) - DONE - 1 @
                                                               - 2 @ [Edited]
~07:32 Araragi Hand - DONE @
~08:20 Araragi Upset (REVERSE (1), 2) - DONE - 1 @
                                             - 2 @ [Reverse]
~08:50-~09:19 Shinobu Checks Out Donuts (REVERSE (1), EDITED (2), 3) - DONE - 1 @
                                                                            - 2 @ [Reverse]
                                                                            - 3 @ [Reverse, Edited]
~09:19 Shinobu Turns Around - DONE @
~09:21 Araragi "No!" - DONE @
~09:22 Shinobu's Reaction - DONE @
~10:55 Shinobu Chewing - DONE @
~11:55 Shinobu Dinks Coffee - DONE @
~12:08 Shinobu Speaking (EDITED (1), 2) - DONE - 1 @
                                               - 2 @ [Edited]
~12:19 Araragi Spits Coffee - DONE @
~13:02 Kaiki Talking (EDITED (1), 2) - DONE - 1 @
                                            - 2 @ [Edited]
~13:40 Shinobu Donut Sparkle (2) - DONE - 1 @
                                        - 2 @ APPARENTLY AN INVALID FILE TYPE, Direct Download:
~15:05 Cars - (EDITED (1), 2) DONE - 1 @
                                   - 2 @ [Edited]
~18:02 Ononki Neck Snap - DONE @
~18:21 Araragi Rage Eyes - DONE @
~18:42 Rage - DONE @
~20:21 Kagenui Neck Snap - DONE @
~21:42 Kagenui Jumps On Finger (EDITED (1), 2) - DONE - 1 @
                                                      - 2 @ [Edited]
~21:49 Evil Face Neck Snap (EDITED (1), 2) - DONE - 1 @
                                                  - 2 @ [Edited]

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