Nisemonogatari – 09 Review

Nisemonogatari – 09 Review

Episode 09, only two more to go. It’s pretty late in the series and Nisemonogatari shows no signs of weakening as we are introduced to two new characters and haven’t yet seen Tsukihi’s exact involvement with a Phoenix apparition.


I wish I could style my hair that gracefully with a key and still look good, albeit even better than before.

Following the cryptic antics of Karen and Araragi last week these two continue to seem extremely close and Araragi’s involvement with any female in this anime constantly leaves me wondering just where is loyal, truly. It’s always a subtle battle inside, what does he mean when he does this? It is playful? Etc…. Sure you may call that over the top but I do like to figure out these things so the interaction between these two got my head working instantly and started the ball rolling for what would eventually become a gripping, interesting and cliff hanging episode. It is lovely to know just how well Nisemonogatari has been put together to corrupt yet another typically innocent act of giving someone a shoulder carry, even after the incident with Tsukihi Araragi and Karen know no bounds when it comes to interacting as though they were lovers, even though the relationship could be a bit more incestuous and less socially acceptable. I did find it funny when Karen was posing in front of Araragi and he was pretending to squeeze her bum and boobs in his mind, perversion level: 69.

Aside from seeing just how strong Karen is, time and time again with her ability to cut her hair with a key, without a “run up” and in one go while later on stretching with Araragi on her head and previously doing handstands on her fingers alone we do learn of something else interesting. The introduction of two new characters, Kagenui Yodzuru – a strange woman with an unpleasant demeanour and Ononki Yotsuhi – a weird middle-schooler (?) who closely resembles Misaka-san in speech pattern.

Both of these individuals are weird, there is no doubt about this. I am not expert on Japanese names but even theirs look odd and dangerous, something which would only be given to someone who is here to cause trouble, even if they aren’t evil. It is the start of Tsukihi’s saga after all and these two do instantly know about the apparitions people have been involved with, the current state of their involvement and the nature of the person. Anyone who is able to do this and seek the Eiko Cram School with knowledge must have some kind of involvement with the upcoming apparition and by extension, the saga itself.

I find it quite hilarious how Araragi weighs up the consequences of his actions in his head, rapidly maturing and developing in a better, less perverted person, only to disregard his carefully planned pondering and break out in excitement over harassing a middle-schooler, not for her current body, but the possible fruit of her long-awaited development. More content for Hitagi to get wound up over, that’s for sure. This scene gets rocketed into orbit when Shinobu lovingly trips Araragi during his full-blown sprint of perversion, leaving him to fall flat on his face and slide along the pavement. I lost it when he stood there stomping on his shadow, cursing at Shinobu.

As I said before it is nearing the end of the series and Nisemonogatari holds strongly onto its roots, that is never adhering to any stereotypical conventions or techniques in such a way that they would outweigh its carefully developed nature. With that said, and two episodes left to introduce Tsukihi’s involvement officially and close the series I hope it delivers and delivers well, this has been a rollercoaster of amazing beauty, intellectual marvel and teasing so far and I don’t want the end to disappoint all that has led up to it. I am sure I am not alone here.

Episode rating: 10/10

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~2:50 Karen Flip - DONE @
~4:20 Araragi's Teeth - DONE @
~5:59 Karen Getting Up & Down - DONE @
~6:55 Karen Cuts Hair - DONE @
~8:08 Araragi Screaming - DONE @
~9:48 Karen Laughing - DONE @
~9:55 Audio Waves - DONE (2) - 1 @
                             - 2 @ - [Soft Light]
~11:38 Araragi's Nose Blue - DONE @
~11:45 Araragi's Nose Normal - DONE @
~11:46 Araragi's Nose Red - DONE @
~11:50 Araragi's Nose Yellow - DONE @
~12:25 Hair On Phone - DONE (2) - 1 @
                                - 2 @ - [Cropped]
~12:40 Araragi's Eyes - DONE (2) - 1 @
                                 - 2 @ - [Better Loop]
~13:28 Kagenui Jumping - DONE @
~14:30 Karen Doing Squats - UN-DOABLE
~15:23 Araragi Jumping Chibi - DONE (EDITED, 2) - 1 @
                                                - 1 @ - [Cropped]
~16:02 Araragi Breathing - DONE @
~17:08 Araragi Hugging Himself - DONE @
~17:10 Araragi's Hands - DONE @
~17:35 Araragi Stomping On Shadow - DONE @

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