Black★Rock Shooter – 05 Review

Black★Rock Shooter – 05 Review 

Hey, hey! Yuu seems to have discovered the Otherworld and Mato “travels” to it, or something like that. There wasn’t a great sense of development this episode in terms of plot progression… or was there? It’s hard to say really.


Yeah I take back what I said in the prelude. I guess that shows how honest I am, I could just delete all of that. More to the point this episode was another mixed bag which seems to be something Black★Rock Shooter is getting good at doing. It can consistently churn out inconsistent content which is behaving vary radically despite any amazing events beforehand – don’t even go to what we could expect afterwards because I have guessed more than once, and failed.

Amidst the cluster of crap which is going on a few things are clear: Saya is becoming more menacing by the minute not only because I have no idea what she is planning other than killing Mato (Black★Rock Shooter?), later, but because of her lack of emotion. It’s the same face with the same gloomy aura which oozes out from the emotionally void expression which seems to be stamped on in permanent ink. There is no doubt in my mind that the next chapter of this anime is going to involve some amazing clash, be it in the Otherworld or in “reality” between Saya/Black★Gold Saw and Mato/Black★Rock Shooter but as I previously mentioned, I could be wrong. I personally reckon that the development regarding Mato’s newfound knowledge of the Otherworld, courtesy of Yuu, will lead to a battle between Black★Gold Saw and Black★Rock Shooter. This is because as and when Black★Rock Shooter wins Saya will have escaped her emotional bond and will be a normal, caring individual again which makes sense based on what little information we know so far regarding her involvement in this series at all.

This is somewhat complex though because both Yuu and Mato know what Saya is up to on at least some level, and it’s only a matter of time before Mato figures out that Saya was actually serious when she “playfully” choked her in the office. Could this mean some epic “real world” action? Only time will tell. I must digress that I would love to see some equally awesome cinematography and CG in the “real” world, but I don’t think that will happen.

In terms of actual content that this anime offers, things have gotten better recently – and by recently I mean this episode. The plot appears to be delving into the deeper parts of the ocean, as per my request.

The day the latter occurs is the day Black★Rock Shooter has developed a deeper depth in its plot, something more interesting. Something greater.

The result is something that at least looks like it took some time to think up and is surrounded by reasonably complex events. The truth is that this is all a facade. The actual reason behind these events is as trivial as the stream that led up to them: Yomi is freaking out because of her emotional battering from Kagari, which is essentially Mato’s fault for helping Kagari escape her emotional prison. Due to these events Mato wants to help Yomi, Yuu finds out about the Otherworld from Saya and Mato goes there only to see her other self in the process of killing “Yomi”.

There is one especially large item of confusion though: How does Saya know about this world and her other self in the first place, and with that said how did Yuu find out so easily from her? Could it be that these two are from the Otherworld?

So in summary what we have here is an apparently deeper and more meaningful development in the plot which is only existent because of the confusing surrounding the events which have lead up to the former. What is Saya up to exactly?  What is going on with Yuu? Mato hasn’t lost her emotional bond so why is she also forgetting things? What will happen after the Yomi saga?

It was a reasonable effort but it’s too little too late. If this was to keep up, however, and things were explained then it could develop into something I would want to re-watch at least once. Something with some essence which is there by nature, and not the result of a mildly confusing and poorly explained unfortunate series of events.

Lemony, I exclaim.

Episode rating: 6.8/10


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