Black★Rock Shooter – 04 Review

Black★Rock Shooter – 04 Review

While I am no theist I do agree that jealousy is a sin, Yomi is entering some serious turf here and seems to be spiralling into a bottomless pit of anger which seems to be targeted at Mato, why else would we catch a glimpse of an epic battle to come as Black★Rock Shooter and Dead Master prepare to fight to the death (?).


What’s curious to me is Saya’s level of interaction with the Otherworld and the individuals inhabiting it, in my mind she is still very mysterious and this is heightened when she alludes to the rising action between Black★Rock Shooter and Dead Master as they prepare to face off, which is concurrently unfolding as Kagari breaks Yomi’s heart out of some misconstrued idea. Of course all of this drama is the result of some rather clever inception on Saya’s part, hinting that Yomi is worthless and shamelessly saving her face by implying that she meant something else.

While most people would look over this act or judge it as a component of her evil, the numerator if you will. I, rather see it as the denominator. Anyone can kill someone else and appear to be the lowest scum of society who should be condemned to a life of misery in prison… but isn’t that evil to me. Killing is too ‘easy’ if you will, it’s not unique. This is even used in children’s media, the bad guy does generic, non-unique, bad stuff to people yet he is still bad or rather the representation of evil. I think the bad guy should be represented as a douche or something that is of a lesser magnitude than evil. Back to the point, what Saya has done is planted a seed and forced its germination. Yomi has had an external idea planted in her mind which is causing her to break down all for Saya’s benefit, whatever that is.

Yomi is becoming increasingly jealous of Mato and Yuu and her recent parting with Kagari has driven her over the edge. Someone she has known for her entire life and was proud of to help has just admitted that they didn’t know why they liked her and that they didn’t feel they were being helped. It’s that level to life destroying and utterly disgusting cunning that is driving Saya’s character up there for me. Sure, she doesn’t look the part but since when was appearing scary the selling point? Saya can act, and she can act well at that.

I think so far Black★Rock Shooter has been very symbolic with its lovely cinematics and dialogue ridden action-scenes in the Otherworld which are a direct result of the trivial interaction in the “real world”, whatever that is. It’s this kind of foreshadowing and somewhat cryptic nature which has driven Black★Rock Shooter to its level of success so far, albeit average. This anime really is nothing else than a run of the mill series if you strip away all of the aforementioned, but in spite of all this it does a good job and keeps me amused, but not entertained. The day the latter occurs is the day Black★Rock Shooter has developed a deeper depth in its plot, something more interesting. Something greater.

Episode rating: 6.5/10


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