Nisemonogatari – 08 Review

Nisemonogatari – 08 Review

It’s Tsukihi’s turn now, her saga has begun but by God what has happened. I will never be able to brush my teeth again without feeling that level of excitement and… well… I don’t what exactly I was feeling. Also, the OP for Tsukihi isn’t as good as Karen’s. D:, although I could like it with repetition. I mean, I hated the Baccano! OP the first time I heard it, and I love that tune now. A lot.


Holy cow, and a big cow it was. I have never been so excited and so resilient to a change in my life, not to mention scared. Scared out of my skin! Sure things start out nicely with Karen’s personality change. She is dressing cute now and seems rather excited to help Araragi in any way possible, which is merely a way of asking for an introduction with Kanbaru. Her guile is rather unappreciated this episode and rightfully so. It is instantly overshadowed by what happens for a good 2/3 of the length remaining. The sheer perversion and cunning Araragi has regarding this situation is a bit scary but amazing at the same time. After all, Araragi has always been a pervert but he has never been so innovative and calculating as this. Usually he just goes with the flow and what happens, happens. This is nothing of the sort. Couple this with the sheer height and genius which is embedded into these scenes and you have quality, quality content.

Other animes may have highlights, moments of beauty, but Nisemonogatari has raised the bar to an almost unfathomable level. The toothbrush scene doesn’t hold a pedestal over other fan service moments but it sure makes them look like crap, and any ones that follow the same, now old method wont hold a candle to this. The reason is because of what we learn during this very elongated drama. This isn’t some mindless boob flashing or low angle of a skirt, it serves to further develop the plot and give insight into the moment. It stimulates both sides of our mind, our lust for fan service and our desire to be encapsulated by the world of intellectual heaven that is quintessentially Nisemonogatari.

Sure Araragi get’s lost in his own self-formed sea of perversion after spending a good 10-15 minutes sticking a tooth-brush in his sister’s mouth as a game but we do learn a few things. His ideal girl, his ability to make any woman related or not fall in love with him simply by becoming the man of justice that he is by nature. One thing is uncertain though: where does his allegiance lie in regards to Hitagi? I mean come on, Araragi was on the verge, 1mm away, from touching Karen’s boobies while he was pressing her against his bed with a toothbrush in her mouth. Coupled with her moaning and his attitude at the time we can only guess what kind of unique and alien positions these two would’ve invented. However, what will happen now? The end seems to give off the impression that the forbidden nature of their incestuous relationship is far more attractive than a death sentence by pencil-firing-squad from Hitagi, moreover a bludgeoning from Karen. Angel Dokuro-chan isn’t here to save them this time!


On a lighter side there is well… nothing. This entire episode was a gripping and hot foreplay session between the brother and little sister of the Araragi family. What more can be said? I do predict that Karen will become involved with her apparition on the way to the convenience… moreover, speciality goods store but I can only speculate. My mind is still hindered due the possible consequences of Araragi’s actions and the fact that Karen enjoyed it because she asked for more, because she loves him! Hitagi can read Araragi like a book, it’s only a matter of time before she turns the pages to reveal the chapter: “Let’s play: toothbrush game”.

So while a great deal of this episode was a fan service, genius level piece of work which may or may not be to everyone’s taste we do at least find out that Karen is supposedly immortal and is the most feared of the sisters. As stated before, this is merely an introduction to the phoenix saga, but with 3 more episodes left it promises to be a short and maybe abrupt one.

Episode rating: 11/10


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