Azumanga Daioh – Pre-Summary

Azumanga Daioh – Pre-Summary

This show is a mixed box really, so far each episode can be blindingly funny but at the same time it can become boring to the point where you want to watch something else. It’s a hit and miss sometimes.


This show doesn’t really have any plot which is worth mentioning at all. The only relation between each episode is a very, very mild and generalised summary of what has happened so far, and the obvious one: they belong to the same series. It is more of a collection of random events which occur just because they can (much like The Simpsons) and while it does take place in a school and progressively moves through each of the yearly events at the aforementioned there is nothing connected going on.

With all that said there is some excellent humour in here. Much like Family Guy drags out a scene for 5 minutes to the point where it becomes funny Azumanga Daioh drags out a funny scene to the point where it becomes hilarious, or bloody boring. The good part is that most of the time it is the former, but the latter isn’t rare enough to be excused in this summary.

So while this show can be super funny at times, especially with personalities like Tomo and Osaka, it can become extremely boring in between. However, that is only so because of the lack of plot, essentially where it isn’t funny it’s boring because nothing is going on!

It’s still a nice watch so far, good for the one-off episode but I wouldn’t chain-view these any time soon.

Verdict: Watch it if you enjoy stuff like The Simpsons, Seinfeld. However, given the former you still may not like it.

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