Black★Rock Shooter – 03 Review

Black★Rock Shooter – 03 Review

Why do I get the feeling that Saya is evil? Maybe it’s just because she keeps a book with students names checked, and coincidentally those two students are the ones who have other selves in the Otherworld, something Saya also conveniently knows about. Not to mention her constant interaction with that world, especially at the end of the episode. Is Saya Black★Gold Saw aka hellgirl? Definitely.


A break in the usual mediocre clutter that is presented each week has occurred. While this episode still had rather dull undertones and a shallow plot, at first, the end proved to be quite the cliffhanger and the series is improving vastly from the hell-house that was episode 1.

It’s very strange that someone like Yomi who has been oppressed for years by her childhood friend is now experiencing a fairly significant level of jealously. It makes me very weary as to just what action she is going to take, will she turn into Kagari’s former self? Whatever it is she doesn’t seem too fond of Yuu, and I expect some kind of conflict between them in the Otherworld, maybe even against Kuroi’s otherself as well.

I think its worth noting the cogs in each characters eyes, they seem to be indicating some interaction with the Otherworld, albeit unconsciously and Saya is inducing some serious cog action. She isn’t suspicious at all, and totally isn’t the otherself of Black★Gold Saw. I don’t even have to know anything else and I can tell she is evil, even before the end of the episode when I saw that book she keeps.

The best (worst) part is she is using the students for some kind of otherworld emotion farm or something of the sort, so she doesn’t actually care about anything they have to say. It’s more or less like leeching a soul so you can shield or better improve yours, disgusting. That does make for a reasonable explaination on the events in the Otherworld this epsiode, why else would Saya start crying uncontrollably after Black★Rock Shooter kills Kohata’s “seed” in the Otherworld or attempt to suck up Kohata’s soul when Black★Rock Shooter storms in guns blazing.

She technically was helping.

The symbolism of watering the stolen-souls of the people Saya has “helped” is very demonic as well, people garden to feed themselves or because they enjoy it and either of these attitudes applied to this situation is unfavourable, especially the former. Just what kind of individual is Saya to be hunting down middle-schoolers souls for her own pleasure, or feed. We shall see.

Episode rating: 7/10


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