Nisemonogatari – 07 Review

Nisemonogatari – 07 Review

What a lovely conclusion to the Karen bee saga, a fight between Ararararagi and Karen, the tsundere-ness of Hitagi or lack thereof and the slick and sly nature of Kaiki, everything a good anime Nisemonogatari usually has and more.


I thought Araragi would’ve killed his sister if he was to have a fight with her? Nonetheless she definitely knows how to move but doesn’t seem to notice Araragi recovering over the course of 5 seconds from what seems to be a plethora of injuries damaging enough to destroy a man, let alone kill him. Kaiki really did get lucky that Karen saw him alone, we can only guess what would’ve happened otherwise.

It’s nice to see that Araragi is proud of his fake sisters, I don’t know if that is because he really does believe that they are realer than the real because they are fake but it is touching nevertheless. Such a natural portrayal of sibling relationship in a supernatural setting is very hard to pull off and it seems to flow naturally from Nisemonogatari, oozing out of the side into the sea of epicness that this series is.

Shinobu makes another appearance and the consistency of them is giving us a quick chuckle as well as leaving us in awe over the usual stuff. Mainly her voice and attitude. This time, however, Araragi’s desire for a females body reaches a level over 9000. Get a load of this. I had to pause here, even the desire to watch Nisemonogatari wasn’t enough to overcome the sheer awesomeness presented in this scene. Araragi’s reaction, Shinobu’s charm, the atmosphere. Priceless.

Oh Shinobu, you rub. I mean....

Strangely enough Hanekawa’s catchphrase coming from Araragi wasn’t as vibrant as it usually is, maybe that’s because we don’t see the tilted head and subtle smile associated with the soft voice that accompanies it. Regardless of what we “miss out” on it does serve to pound the message into Karen’s head that she is a fake, she isn’t (mentally) strong but that doesn’t mean what she is doing is wrong.

One thing which is lacking at the moment is Tsukihi’s time in the lime light, sure the saga is named “Karen Bee” but surely we should be seeing more of the inferno-duo that are the Fire Sisters, especially if half of the pack is involved in an apparition. While it hasn’t reduced any level of enjoyability for the series so far it could lose the predicted 100% rating if things don’t get a little more even.

For what the slick and quintessentially evil con artist Kaiki is he did seem to fold a little easily when Hitagi and, to a lesser extent, Araragi confronted him. All is not what it seems with such a man because he didn’t necessarily lose, while at the same time the swashbuckling duo confronting him didn’t exactly win. Hitagi may have gained an insincere apology and the offer to help payback her father’s loss of money but she refused both. Kaiki doesn’t have to think up a new con to repay his debt but he cannot exactly stay in town either. Hitagi has grown up from the reckless and dark girl she used to be, armed to the teeth with stationary and packed with an up-yours attitude. This is especially noticable when she says that the children who got swindled by Kaiki deserved it.

I think she is referring to herself here, she learnt her lesson from the past and has overcome the effects it has had, clearly because she refused the offer of money from Kaiki. She knows that wont bring back her family and she has stopped dwelling on most of the past. What can Kaiki do now? He has nothing to play with, nothing to mould and torment. He hasn’t lost because he well… loses nothing but his phone. His honour and proud fake construction is as solid as ever, and all Hitagi gained is his absence. I think he will come back though. He knows what he knows as evidenced by his speedy reference of the wreathe-fire bee story chapters and knowledge of Shinobu and the poison in Araragi’s shadow. Maybe his claim of ignorance to the supernatural is a lie, we can only speculate.

That's just her way of correcting herself, Hitagi doesn't lie.

On a side note, I thought I found another area where Hitagi lied. Remember this? Turns out she says that line to correct herself, and I got all excited again. Epic.

What I do love and am always delighted to see was Hitagi’s tsundere-break as she forcefully embraces Araragi, especially after a 15 minute confrontation with Kaiki which was almost equally as enjoyable to watch. Once again the balance of what we need and what we want is carefully maintained in this episode and that serves to one again give it a full rating.

Episode rating: 10/10


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