Black★Rock Shooter – 02 Review

Black★Rock Shooter – 02 Review

This weeks episode of Black★Rock Shooter was a sheer delight, much better from the annoying antics of last weeks. Kagari is still a bitch but she becomes a mixed bag towards the end of the episode which is good. The battles in the Otherworld are making more sense, but I am still confused on a few things. I must be enjoying the anime more because this episode flew by as opposed to last weeks sluggish drag.


Kagari is very controlling of Takanashi’s life and for all the wrong reasons. It’s so easy to hate someone whose goal is to make other people’s lives a misery because they were careless enough to get hit by a car. Sure she was a child when it happened but to hold that anger and make Takanashi feel guilty for the years that passed is truly disgusting, even more so if you are going to fall down the stairs to spite them. I hate Kagari  more than Kaiki from Nisemonogatari. It’s good that Kuroi tries so hard to get involved with Takanashi, but depressing when she has to wait outside a festival for hours with hardly a reply.

The action was hardly shy this week as well, Black★Rock Shooter takes a beating in the Otherworld and it seems to be tied up with their (the counterparts in the “real world”) current emotional state, which makes sense based on what Saya said in episode 1. I wonder if these beings can die though? If not the fighting does seem rather pointless, or is it to simply form or break bonds? After all, Takanashi does escape Kagari’s grasp at the end of the episode, while at the same time Kagari appears to have changed her attitude – I can only speculate that though.

I am watching one character very carefully, however. Saya does appear to know a lot about this Otherworld and maybe she has her own being there as well, I haven’t watched the OVA so I don’t know. Moreover, this is the second time her advice to Kuroi has revealed something important about this dimension which is very strange, maybe she is lucky or maybe she is some kind of oracle for this dimension. Which also makes me wonder if Kuroi and Black★Rock Shooter, Takanashi and Dead Master etc… will ever meet. I have a feeling they will because of the interaction between the dimensions, you cannot dream about something that happens more than once without realizing something may be up. Especially if your school adviser  just happened to be knowledgeable on the situation.

It costs $400 000 to fire this weapon, for 12 seconds.

While the plot does seem somewhat weak at the moment the bursts of unrelenting epicness that accompany each of the scenes does make the storyline a lot more gripping. The final scene in the hospital room where Kagari loses it and Black★Rock Shooter and Chariot battle it out in the Otherworld is amazing. The beating and moves each one puts out, it’s like Dragon Ball Z without being dragged on for seasons at a time. Not to mention the camera angles, effects and undertone in each scene. I do hope the plot is more involving over time though, sure it was lovely this time round but in 2-4 episodes if the format is the same the struggles in the “real world” and those in the Otherworld could become a filler, especially if they are simply exclusive.

This was a definite improvement over last week though, I thoroughly enjoyed this surprise but it is still a mixed bag at the moment, especially since so far the plot is quintessentially an over hyped version of the trivial, daily life of Kuroi.

Episode rating: 7/10

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