Nisemonogatari – 06 Review

Nisemonogatari – 06 Review

I think it’s pretty obvious that this series is going to score 100%, there has been nothing to disappoint so far. Each episode just adds more content which is tuned so perfectly you could only call it a fan-service as an insult. Shinobu appears to be making regular appearances, and by God are they amazing. What’s more is that we are seeing some breaks in Hitagi’s “tsundere-ing”, but don’t be fooled as these are far and few between. SHAFT knows how to make us ache and hurt for more.


You really can appreciate the unique style that SHAFT brings to Nisemonogatari, everything is clean, crisp and abstract which makes it lovely to look at, let alone watch. Staying true to his word Araragi doesn’t greet Hachikuji with sexual harassment, even if I first anticipated that. What’s stranger is that Hachikuji seemed to enjoy it?! Using the timely female line: “”No” doesn’t necessarily mean “no”” it appears that this is almost a prerequisites for Araragi to talk to with her, kind of like a ritual. In fact, apparently he’s just a flea now. Could this woman be some kind of sexual-masochist, we can only speculate but she apparently a tsundere now, epic! Aside from this playful banter which centres around Karen and Tsukihi not acting like adults it is Araragi’s turn in messing up Hachihachiji Hachishichiji Hachirokuji Hachikuji’s name, which she doesn’t really appreciate. I do think that it is unreasonable for the Fire Sisters to become adults, on par with Hachikuji’s argument. They are just kids in middle-school after all, and they don’t even fully understand what kind of content they are dealing with which increases my thirst to see Araragi explaining his latent vampirism to the girls. It’d be nice to see their attitude change after they realise this stuff is real, unless Karen doesn’t find that out by leaving the house.

On a side note: Araragi’s playful statement concerning Hachikuji’s possibly involvement with an apparition actually fooled me, my heartbeat rose and I immediately starting assuming things about the rest of the series. It turns out it was a joke but that just goes to show how well Nisemonogatari has been presented so far, right now SHAFT could do whatever they want and it would still be amazing.

Once again Hitagi makes a remarkable entrance with her tsundere-ness. She does look very menacing with a blade and had me going for a minute, I was fearful (for Araragi), that this would be another interrogation session about who he was with and for what sexual desire. It turns out this is a simple loving visit.

Hitagi comes across as a very calculating individual sometimes, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I find her similar to Hanekawa in terms of her knowledge-base and understanding of events, obviously not to the same level but somewhat more so than Araragi. As a result her wanting to talk with Kaiki has me concerned for his well-being, especially since she wants to punish him for his malicious attitude in her past. She still seems to wield the pencil with great strength and accuracy as she builds a lovely tower which then falls in glorious slow motion. Since Araragi is a man of justice to which his attacks are only super-effective against those who aren’t truly evil Hitagi first discourages him from coming but as they are lovers he must go to both protect his girl and strengthen their relationship. Of course, this was only brought about from the most manly confession of love in the history, and future of the world. This reveals another break in Hitagi’s tsundere-ing which is, once again, like an angel falling out of heaven. The silver-tongued beauty is just that when she isn’t delivering lines in rapid, callous succession.

I thought I had spotted the one and only mistake in Nisemonogatari, turns out it was simply a save face bait. Damn you SHAFT!

Shinobu makes a more public appearance this time when Araragi starts worrying where Karen has run off to. Aside from the fact that I LOVE her hair and the accompanying voice, she is as useful as ever. Complete with her angelic “ka ka”, she does seem very affectionate towards Araragi which doesn’t surprise me; they did embrace in the bathtub.

It turns out the relationship between the two may involve a bad-girl, bad-boy style. Shinobu revealed herself to comment on Araragi’s lack of giving orders, and is slightly annoyed when she has to explain her save face move when he asks her to do something. However, when he orders her it’s a completely different story. Araragi becomes Taiga from Toradora! and Shinobu, elated with delight transforms into Taro from MM!, licking her lips and abiding her masters orders, that is when she isn’t tsundere-ing herself!

The tension when Araragi turns around in the direction Shinobu points had me gaping and ready to pounce on my space bar with immaculate precision and timing, alas SHAFT being the clever devils they are hid whatever it is we will be fortunate enough to see next week. Let the wait begin.

Episode rating: 10/10

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