Nisemonogatari – 05 Review

Nisemonogatari – 05 Review

Yoshi! More Shinobu, more drama. Kaiki does come off somewhat like The Joker for me and that’s very appealing because I loved The Dark Knight, and I love Nisemonogatari!


There’s something about Araragi sitting down with no shirt which is very relaxing to watch. Seeing him relaxed transfers over to me, or maybe that’s just because I couldn’t talk nearly as well to my sister like that, let alone wearing nothing but a towel. The Araragi family does seem to be very noble and honest in their actions, it turns out they do whatever is right, not what is easy. Furthermore, they stand by their actions. After all, Araragi is walking around a house full of girls with nothing but a towel on. Tsukihi doesn’t want to tell Araragi about what happened to Karen and keeps on trying to change the subject, she eventually asks why he doesn’t have any friends and is dumbstruck to find out Arararararagi has but five.

Araragi starts shouting at Tsukihi because she doesn’t want to hear anything more, Hanekawa comes down the stairs to stop the shouting and Araragi’s towel drops and she sees him naked! I don’t think this is a big problem, however. Araragi doesn’t seem to be phased by it at all when he talks to Hanekawa later on. Hanekawa must have a some kind crush for threatening Hitagi’s relationship with him and offering Araragi the opportunity to touch her boobies whenever he wants for however he wants, even if it would cost his friendship with her. It was very noble of him to tear up the ticket for that offer without hesitation when hearing the conditions. Either way, the moment is still hilarious – his sister got off lucky with just his bum.

This man was destined for glory

Moving into a more ominous setting now, Kaiki is situated at a long table with candles as Karen discusses his actions with him. He does look like The Joker during this scene, very menacing and calculating. Kaiki makes such a gripping character because of his carelessness in his attitude and his corrupt view on the value of money. Sure, The Joker only cared about anarchy and misery but Kaiki doesn’t mind what happens as long as he meets his goals. Such exploits give him the demeanour of an intelligent and quintessentially evil man, especially since he remarks that “Children are easier to fool.”. This makes him a lot easier to hate, and more thrilling as and when we see fights between him and others.

In the previous episode Shinobu remarked that Kaiki could be a monster himself, this is countered when he acknowledges that he is indeed human, regrettably, but reaffirmed when he poisons Karen by touching her. Is he the embodiment of the wreathe-fire bee himself? Shinobu does suggest that it is a very low-level monster and Kaiki is, or considers himself human so these are possibilities and if they are true it just adds to his lethality, this guy is the real deal.

So Araragi can get his perversion fix he asks his sister to strip down so he can wash her, denying her request for a bath. She consistently tries to bite him which he seems to easily dodge, maybe he is expecting it and the surprised face from last episodes comment from Karen-chan regarding just this was because of Hanekawa’s presence, who knows. We learn about Karen during this… encounter. She seems to be very noble, and a patriarch of justice just like Araragi except for her belief in the supernatural, which is lacking. This also raises another point, will Araragi soon tell his sisters about his latent vampirism in order to prove the existence of the supernatural which they seem to be ignorant towards? I think this would have more of a beneficial aura as they would be more cautious and maybe learn how to combat creatures, but Shinobu is already Oshino’s replacement for that job. After all, they do share a passion for justice.

Karen assures Araragi that she and her sister are serious about these activities and will continue as long as they can. She tells Araragi that she has grown up and comments on her boobies, Araragi makes fun of her commenting that they aren’t even half the size of Hanekawa’s. Hilarious.

Araragi goes into the bathroom to talk to Shinobu as Karen thinks that her ‘normal’ infection may spread to Araragi. Aside from that fact that we are graced with Shinobu’s voice again, she suggests that Araragi kiss Karen to remove the affliction. Araragi being a latent vampire could easily recover from anything the infection throws at him, especially if all it promotes is death. I mean… that’s a walk in the park for this man.

Episode rating: 10/10

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