Comedy Review Restructure

Anime such as Azumanga Daioh and Danshi Koukousei No Nichijou will no longer be receiving reviews because there is simply not enough value is reviewing each episode. These types of comedy are very disconnected, and each episode consists of its own plot much like the Simpson’s would, and that doesn’t really contribute to any overall progression. If it does the link is very, very weak.

Shows which are like this will receive a review based on impressions at the start of the series and at the end, rather than an episode by episode summary. After all, who wants to read me explaining why something is funny each episode? Let’s face it, that’s the purpose of these anime is to be funny, not to necessarily tell a gripping story like Nisemonogatari, Toradora!, K-ON! etc….

Hopefully this works out for the better.

About ツ.jp

Just some Australian who loves everything about Japan, especially the anime.

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