Nisemonogatari – 04 Review

Nisemonogatari – 04 Review

Some clever humour and reasonable points explained, yet more raised. This series just keeps getting better and better. We finally see the apparition that Karen is involved with and Shinobu finally speaks! Yay!


Some good news was immediately present, Hanekawa hasn’t actually changed. In fact, her killer-line used on Hitagi was merely a threat on Araragi’s relationship with her and I guess that shows just how serious Hitagi was in protecting him, go her. What’s more surprising is Araragi’s sisters sudden change in personality when someone like Hanekawa is in the household. They seemed all cute and polite, maybe they would be good spies. It turns out that Hanekawa did already resolve their issue with Kaiki but Karen is still poisoned by the wreathe-fire bee and we don’t find out what happens to her this episode, nor can we rely on Shinobu since she is unable to “eat away” the poisons effects. Araragi does seem a bit harsh on his sisters for getting into this strife, but he is a vampire so I think his comment on only becoming a hero if you are strong is somewhat valid, he did take a beating in Bakemonogatari more than once.

The conversation between Araragi and Hanekawa in his bedroom really shed some light on Hanekawa, mainly because of her change in appearance. The shorter hair and loss of glasses puts a nicer tone onto her appearance, and makes her knowing-what-you-know personality a lot more appealing, especially after seeing her as a cat in Bakemonogatari. More importantly the threat of her dramatic change in personality based on her phone call with Hitagi last episode was simply a misconstrued event. The conversation didn’t really delve into any great depth and was merely a summary of what we already knew and an explanation for Hitagi’s knee shaking moment last episode.

While Araragi is taking a bath cooling off Shinobu pops up out of his shadow, which I had completely forgotten was where she resided. In fact, I had forgotten she even existed, pretty bad I know, but how can you blame me? She was always alone and silent in Bakemonogatari. Regardless, apart from her stark naked appearance and surprisingly elegant voice we learn a lot about just what kind of curse Kaiki has targeted Karen with. She has been poisoned by a wreathe-fire bee, which Shinobu only knows from Oshino’s rather elongated lectures. This turns out rather useful though because we know what kind of effects are going to pan out from here on in. Unless Araragi pulls out something to save his sister she will die, but how long does she have?

Furthermore, we find out Kaiki may be even more dangerous than his ill-omened appearance would suggest. Apparently a fake can be more real than the real and there is a possibility that Kaiki is a monster himself! There was one disappointment, however, and the first I must admit for both Bakemonogatari and Nisemonogatari. It turns out that Araragi didn’t break free of his bonds, last episode, solely by himself. Shinobu seems to be the source of his power and this makes me wonder if he will always be able to help out in certain situations that don’t involve him being beaten to death and back again. That’s because the two don’t seem to co-operate very well, in fact Shinobu says the only reason he was able to break free was because their attitudes were mutual at the time – she does what she feels like.

Unrelated, but holy sh%t he's tank.

This is quite a big cliffhanger because what if this is true, how can Araragi help in a situation other than the aforementioned. If Shinobu’s attitude is the denominator and Araragi has no control over her Karen does seem to be in a lot of trouble, especially with Oshino gone and Shinobu’s knowledge being the sole result of repeated lectures.

Episode rating: 10/10

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