Nisemonogatari – 03 Review

Nisemonogatari – 03 Review

While we still don’t see exactly what has happened to Karen we know. Kaiki has arrived in town, Karen calls Araragi for help and Hitagi explains Kaiki’s background. Furthermore Hanekawa is involved in something we don’t know about. This episode is building up the tension so much that I am ready to explode.


Another amazingly beautiful instalment of Nisemonogatari which is continually raising the bar of excitement. While it is still the first day in the anime a lot has gone on and the two-introductory style episodes beforehand didn’t feel like that at all. They were merely an integration or kind of transfer between Bakemonogatari and Nisemonogatari while refreshing our minds on each character. Amazingly well done.

The episode starts out exactly where it left off last time with Araragi and Kanbaru’s house cleaning her room, since the two have finished they have a little chat and Kanbaru get’s straight to the point commenting on Araragi’s love life. She thinks that he will end up marrying Hanekawa even though he is in love with Hachikuji. Hilarious. Furthermore she says that he wouldn’t be able to resister her if she went after him, and who could?

There is some lovely humour in this episode as usual and it turns out Araragi doesn’t actually understand that Sengoku likes him as I had previously thought. He explains that she taught him how to play Twister and he beat her, but despite her loss she was really happy. Everyone knows except him and that is extremely funny because he just blatantly refuses her ‘offerings’ without even realising just how abruptly he is stopping her or what she is feeling.

Later on after asking Kanbaru how she explains her Rainy Devil arm to her family Araragi leaves Kanbaru’s house and spots Kaiki outside. We immediately know that its him and trouble is looming because the sky turns a blood-red colour and it sets behind his ominous figure, not to mention the hell-split in the middle of the road and the dead trees, but by God does Kaiki look suspicious and creepy as hell. He is apparently just as knowledgeable as Oshino when it comes to supernatural topics but he clearly has a different attitude, you tell by the way he moves his head when he is speaking that there will be a lot of trouble from him and there is. His demeanour is that of someone who was born evil and whose existence is solely to wreak havoc and dismay on anyone who gets in his way, while using those who don’t. This isn’t an apparition found by a wandering child, this is a true enemy. Someone who exists in this world and who won’t cease to unless you defeat them, it’s the prelude for an epic battle to come. I hope.

Afterwards Araragi meets up with Hitagi on the street and Hitagi teases Araragi about cheating on the other girls he has seen today as a warning if he is too. This is Hitagi we are talking about here, it’s normal for her. How she decrypts Araragi’s routine just by looking into his eyes and reading his face is a God-given gift, and her relentless tsundere makes those sweet moments oh so better. When Araragi tells her that he met an ill-omened man named Kaiki we cut back to the scene in episode 1 where Araragi started this flashback. We can now confirm that Hitagi did kidnap him because of Kaiki’s return, as I suspected. Hitagi describes Kaiki to Araragi and he receives a text from Tsukihi saying: “Help me.”. Araragi’s inner vampire comes out and he breaks free of his bonds, which is insanely cool. What’s more surprising is Hitagi’s declaration of love after Araragi breaks free, how she is able to pull that out after everything we have seen during the episode and know about her is one of the reasons she is so epic. Her tsundereness knows no bounds, but when it is overtaken by her sweet inner-self the moment is amazing. It’s like seeing an angel.

Pure awesomeness.

Finally Hitagi receives a call from Hanekawa, which is directed to Araragi’s phone for some reason, some things have gotten complicated with Hanekawa and I suspect this is because of Kaiki’s returning to town.

In one day we have seen a lot and things have climbed to an extreme level of tension especially since we know Tsukihi is in trouble at the end of the episode, but the fact that she is sending the text must be mean Karen is in a deeper pool of strife. We know Karen has a phone and can fend for herself rather well, so why wouldn’t she send it? Just how badly has Kaiki affected them? We don’t know and obviously want to find out badly unless you are simply someone subbing the anime.

Furthermore, what is this business with Hanekawa? Some kind of deal with Hitagi, a deal about what? Why was it made? It seems that every episode for every one question solved, five more get raised and this is exceptionally gripping. It seems to accentuate just why I love this anime; it is complex. The plot is surreal and the style of animation is amazing at its lowest. What’s more exciting is Hanekawa apparent change in character. Hitagi seemed to be submissive to her which means this deal may involve Araragi, but Hanekawa is a gentle and a somewhat submissive girl herself so what drove her to become like this?

If you cannot handling having to wait for new content every week after an episode of mind boggling proportion this is not the anime for you. If, however, you enjoy a twisting plot and unfolding events which occur simultaneously from events which were not asynchronous beforehand then this is the anime for you!

I cannot wait to watch episode 4!

Episode rating: 10/10

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