Danshi Koukousei No Nichijou – 02 Review

Danshi Koukousei No Nichijou – 02 Review

The last episode had me choking for breath, this one was still funny but nowhere near the same degree. There are repeated skits, but if they use the same template too often it may get old fast.


Sure there were some laughs this time round but it wasn’t as original as last week, maybe that’s because I was expecting it to be on par in humour or because some of the skits were reused (Literary Girl 2, Ghost Stories 2 etc…). This isn’t a bad thing if done correctly, and DKNN did do it right but there was something missing. Hopefully the slap-stick doesn’t die down because it wasn’t as prevalent this time round, and that’s probably the reason why it wasn’t as funny. The shamelessness and blatant disregard for common sense just wasn’t here this episode, or at least as copious.

The series so far has still be good because of its style and down to earth nature when conveying these skits, even if some are a little ambiguous in nature. Once again we see the common themes of mates betraying mates, awkwardness around girls and a desire to become more than friends with one, and this is always funny. Although I have a feeling the latter is only used as a gag because of that reason so that could get old fast. Really fast.

That's one hell of a transformation, and Tadakuni is asking her for advice!

So the producers do know how to make this anime funny and it does have a magical blend of Western and Japanese culture. The only thing to do now is hone that knowledge and integrate it different ways. It’s like a joke, the type of joke could be the same but the delivery also contributes and in the case of a visual media it contributes quite a lot. Especially with one as free as anime.

I must say though, the boys constantly playing around with Tadakuni’s sister’s underwear is a riot. Just the shamelessness surrounding it and why they are doing so is enough to make anyone laugh, almost. Especially when she is asking where her underwear has gone again and Hidenori is wearing her bra under his shirt.

As a closing note, DKNN does seem to have some link between each episode. The characters are aware of what has previously happened which means we may see a tiny bit of character development, but I doubt this because of the style of anime it is. This is by no means bad, it could make it funnier as each episode isn’t completely independent and pure randomness.

Episode rating: 7/10

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