Danshi Koukousei No Nichijou – 01 Review

Danshi Koukousei No Nichijou – 01 Review

Wow. This anime is seriously funny, like proper funny. It has everything, 3 guys who are like brothers, hysterically relevant situations and a lovely animation style. I can tell I am going to enjoy every moment of this, because I spent every moment of it laughing hysterically!

Episode summary:

The episode starts out with Tadakuni, one of our main protagonists running down the road with some toast in his mouth because he is late for school. We quickly see Yoshitake appear to his left with some bloody curry from last night and soon afterwards Hidenori with some noodles!

Then a laser beam magically appears out of the sky and three gigantic robots fly down one of them spots the boys and fires his lazor at them, they go flying and a book called “A tale of adventures” comes flying out of Tadakuni’s bag. The boys then magically get dressed into zelda-like costumes and provoke the mobile suits by challenging them to a fight!

Immediately after Hidenori says this Tadakuni pops up from the bottom right of the screen screaming “No!”. Turns out it was simply Hidenori reading a manga, maybe one he has written or one he is adapting in real time, nonetheless the boys are over Tadakuni’s house as usual, lazing around and doing absolutely nothing at all. The OP plays and we are introduced to the first of many skits this episode: “High School Boys and After School”.

So, everyone is round Tadakuni’s and he asks how you get a girlfriend just out of curiosity, this sparks a mad idea in Hidenori’s mind and he immediately starts the role play by setting up the scene and context, Yoshitake is the lonely girl distributing handouts after class and Tadakuni is the wondrous hero who has come to save the day by assisting said fair maiden! Tadakuni starts talking to Yoshitake as he would if he were a girl and Yoshitake puts on this insanely funny girly voice as he stutters and apologises. Suddenly Hidenori slams the partition for the room open, pretending to be the teacher, and since Tadakuni doesn’t know how to react Hidenori grabs him and tells him to try harder, so they try again. They fail again and as Yoshitake prepares to leave Tadakuni grabs him, still role playing, and they run around his house and eventually back to the room they started in. When they get back Tadakuni says he just wanted to show ‘her’ the scenery, Hidenori says that he could most girls with that move. Tadakuni then face palms saying that we go to an all-boys school.

There is a commercial break and we are then introduced to the next skit: “High School Boys and Skirts”. Once again the boys are round Tadakuni’s house and he is bitching because of it, he tells them to go home and Hidenori prepares to leave when he randomly asks Yoshitake what he thinks of skirts. Yoshitake says: “Let’s not even go there, man.”. Immediately Yoshitake and Hidenori start getting into a discussion about skirts saying that they are simply rolls “[…] of cloth around your waist!”.

Yoshitake and Hidenori cannot imagine walking around with underwear exposed and remarkably Hidenori then asks Tadakuni to borrow his sisters skirts. Of course, Yoshitake has already found them and proceeds to throw them up in the air and magically spawn Tadakuni’s sister’s panties in his hands. Yoshitake and Hidenori start putting on Tadakuni’s sister’s skirts when they realise that they have leg hair, at which point all the boys go into seperate rooms to put on the skirts.

When they come out Tadakuni is the only one wearing a skirt and he proceeds to try and destroy Yoshitake and Hidenori because he got dogged by them!

They say that the skirt looks lovely on Tadakuni and start making him do erotic poses. We then see his sister come into the house and walk past his room while they are all making a huge fuss over how sexy Tadakuni looks, being curious his sister opens to door to find Tadakuni in a skirt and in the middle of putting her bra on. She tells them to keep on going while they all stand there stunned.

The next segment of the episode begins which is titled: “High School Boys and Ghost Stories”. Once again they are all round Tadakuni’s and Hidenori sparks a conversation based on a event at a restaurant he was at a few days ago. Apparently when the cute girl he was sitting behind got up there were three chopsticks at the table, Tadakuni and Yoshitake tell him to stop and Yoshitake then tells everyone his scary story which involves him shaving off his nipple in order to remove his nipple hair. Tadakuni then follows, except his story is fictional, he says that he was over a friends house, not drinking alcohol, and that because they had drunk so much his friend, Kugihiko had to throw up. Tadakuni escorted him to the bathroom where when he threw up Tadakuni saw a centipede in his vomit. Yoshitake and Hidenori then become zombies and start walking to Tadakuni’s bathroom to vomit, where his sister is already doing so. Yoshitake and Hidenori then prepare and join in! Tadakuni is watching in the hall, saying that he cannot possible tell them he made it up now.

Now another segment of the episode begins: “High School Boys and Female Competition”. Hidenori walks into the classroom and meets Yoshitake, both are wondering where Tadakuni is and Hidenori spots Tadakuni walking close to the school with a g-g-g-girl. He falls to the floor in shock, knocking over at least 20 desks and when Yoshitake takes a gander he shouts that Tadakuni is with a girl. Suddenly every boy in the class looks out at the window and a delinquent named Motoharu asses the situation. They embark outside after firing up their virgin power and Motoharu questions Tadakuni, as it turns out he was just helping a lost girl to the train station and everyone is stumped.

Now the final segment for this episode starts up which is titled: “High School Boy and Literary Girl”. We see a lonely girl wandering along a path next to the river bank, it is really windy and she spots Hidenori on the river bank reading a book. Since it is extremely windy he cannot read it either and just as he is about to get up and leave she sits down near him. He starts mentally freaking out wondering what to do, what line to say, if he should say something, how to say it and when etc… he calls Yoshitake and Tadakuni by hanging up or texting when they answer and they come to the rescue, not before he has said his poser line: “The wind… is trouble today”. The girl replies with “But the wind is weeping just a little.” and Yoshitake arrives, Hidenori gets up and as he walks past her he says: “Let us make haste, lest the wind ceases.”. Finally Tadakuni arrives and completely kills the mood by saying: “Hey, this is bad! The potato chips at the convenience store are half-off!”. Since he completely destroyed the mood the girl starts beating him up, since she sprung towards him and knocked her bag it opens and it turns out she had written a novel with this exact scenery in it, so she was essentially living her fantasy (which explains why she beats up Tadakuni). The episode then ends here.


It’s always hard reviewing comedy because it’s so hard to explain just why you find something funny without sounding like a waffling lunatic, however, this episode has it all, a mild slap-stick style humour, relatable events and a realistic outcome on what it is to be a high school boy and that is what makes it absolutely hilarious, so much so that I was laughing almost the entire time. Everything in here you can relate to and the charisma of each character is amazing, as well as the animation style and colours.

For example, while it is extremely subtle just Yoshitake and Hidenori running alongside Tadakuni with curry and noodles is funny as hell because it is something that could’ve actually happened, albeit extremely unlikely.

What’s even better is that each character doesn’t need to be doing something absurd to be hilarious either, just Hidenori turning around saying “Hey, bro…” was hilarious given the context and his face at the time. You know he is going to say something which is indicative of his freaked out reaction or he is just asking for something stupid and it turns out it was the latter this time round.

There are mature themes in here, however. For instance, a 12 year old probably wouldn’t understand getting dogged by your mates (Tadakuni in the skirt) but a 17 year old, myself, would. This is why it is so good, this style of humour is realistic and not too slap-stick. It’s perfect. The boys at the school going into a frenzy over their classmate getting a girl, it’s understandable. They are at an all-boys school after all, they have been denied their daily stare and gander.

I guess the core element of the hilarity is really the shamelessness of the trio. Yoshitake and Hidenori really do feel no shame after what they do, and Tadakuni acts as the only morally correct individual within the group and even he is tainted by the other two sometimes. This is especially funny because when Tadakuni ultimately fails to restrain the inner idiots of Yoshitake and Hidenori we find it funny, and even more so when he joins in! These guys know just exactly what they are doing, just how stupid it is and couldn’t care less. It’s amazing.

There was some meta-fiction in here which is always a riot but I am especially looking forward to more of the Literature Girl and Tadakuni’s faceless sister, these two seem to restrain and provoke the boys especially since their communication or actions respectively is very limited and this makes their idiocy very challenging to pull off, and, therefore, very funny to watch as they try, fail or succeed.

I know the length of my summary and the review is insanely disproportionate but I do find comedy hard to review, I shall try and improve my explanations of it especially since I am going to enjoy watching Danshi Koukousei No Nichijou.

Episode rating: 10/10

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