Nisemonogatari – 02 Review

Nisemonogatari – 02 Review

Another gripping episode with more cryptic stuff which is awesome to figure out and watch unfold as you foresaw it. The build up is coming along nicely to what I hope and expect will be an amazing episode 3, but this episode was by NO MEANS any kind of filler. In fact, I am a douche for even writing that word. You know the one.

Episode summary:

We start out with Araragi essentially summarising his sisters personalities. He describes Karen as a tomboy who, while isn’t feminine, doesn’t appear manly. Tsukihi is rather deceptive in that her appearance doesn’t really depict her inner self, Araragi tells us that she is actually more aggressive than Karen and easily provoked. Together Karen and Tsukihi are the fire sisters!

After the OP we see Araragi arrive at Sengoku’s, where he was journeying towards during the last episode. As expected Sengoku is dressed up and pampered, she has done her hair and is wearing a very short miniskirt. Obviously Araragi doesn’t realise that she likes him and just comments on her appearance asking if that is how she always dresses indoors. She invites him inside and Araragi notices that her parents aren’t home (see where this is going?). Sengoku locks the door and they go upstairs to her room, she says that if Araragi is to look inside her closet she could never forgive him, or anyone else should they do it also.

She forces Araragi to sit on her bed, while she blushes and proceeds to remove her top commenting on how hot it is inside her room. She also forces Araragi to remove his jumper. Sengoku suggests that they play the King Game which involves someone giving orders, usually sexual, to other participants who are referred to by number. Sengoku looks pretty sad when Araragi says that she wont play the King Game, they decide to play the Game of Life instead.

Is she eating pocky?

Araragi then tells himself that he will not get dirty thoughts from looking at Sengoku’s body, he also says she’s lucky he’s such a gentleman. The two then discuss the aftermath of her involvement with the snake apparition, Sengoku makes the point that a lot of middle schoolers are now involved, as the victim, with charms/apparitions at all schools. She tells Araragi that Karen and Tsukihi are trying to find out who is spreading the apparition/charms around and that because of her incorrect method of handling the charm, she was the only one with whom such events happened. She thinks. She also says that she thinks Karen and Tsukihi don’t even believe in the supernatural and this implies that they searching for this person as one would search for the starter of a rumour.

Araragi and Sengoku then play twister (obviously so she can be close to him in erotic positions) and Sengoku’s mother arrives home early, as Sengoku hasn’t told her mother she is having a friend over she fears she may get angry, especially if she walks in on the position they are in.

Araragi is sent home early and comments that her mother probably saved him from forcefully losing his virginity, or something else. Araragi then calls Kanbaru asking if he can come over today, as Hanekawa had to ditch him (last episode), to help her clean her room instead of tomorrow. Kanbaru starts stripping on the phone which freaks out Araragi because he doesn’t know she is in her house, in her room. He starts going mental calling her a pervert and asking why she loves stripping so much using any old excuse. When she tells him she is in her house and in her room he apologizes, at which point her grandmother then sees her naked and talking on the phone because she forgot to close the partition to her room.

As Araragi is on his way to Kanbaru’s he spots Karen in the street walking along doing a handstand. He trips her up as he bails off his bike and schools her on how to act feminine and older than a 2-year-old (not literally a two-year old, though). When Araragi asks her what she is going outside she says “Community service”, which means she is currently waiting for or hunting down the person spreading the apparition.

As she prepares to leave she starts doing a handstand again at which point Araragi jumps up into the air and flips her over, she ends up in the crab position.

The shoe brand is: SHAFT!

Araragi says that he enjoys the inherent humour of her saying cool things in that position, and much like the courage-saga with Hachikuji last episode, Araragi asks her to say some cool stuff and gets shocked at just how cool it was, Karen decides to make that pose her long running gag.

Karen then gets a call (probably from someone helping her find the apparition spreader). She then says that she has to go and will chat with Araragi at home tonight, and because of this new development will have a heroic tale to tell. This confirms that she is going to get involved with the apparition spreader, but I am not 100% certain.

Araragi then arrives at Kanbaru’s. As it turns out her grandmother has put up a sign at the door or whatever, which reads:

As Araragi enters Kanbaru’s room he gets destroyed by a pile of books and when he returns to the surface she is lying down, boobies first, naked. He tells her not to turn over otherwise they would have a big problem.  Araragi steps outside while Kanbaru gets dressed and then the cleaning of her room commences!

Araragi finds Kanbaru’s first-year-basketball-team-memento in the clutter of her room and asks her if she understands the concept of treasuring her memories.

Araragi asks Kanbaru to put on the top since he has only seen her place basketball once, Kanbaru says that it reminds her of the naked-team-trip (which is a joke). Not before she admits that she is really erotic, saying that she once misheard “family rate” as “family rape”, which she later corrects to “family hate”.

As Araragi is cleaning the room he finds a book called: “The Glasses-Wearing Secretary and the Glasses-Wearing Prince” which he tries to throw away. Kanbaru stops him saying that she needs the book, probably because she is a lesbian (not sure, she did admit that in Bakemonogatari though). However, Araragi does comment that she probably needs them because she “likes them handsome” and that isn’t so unreasonable because that’s what all girls want. Kanbaru says that he is wrong and tries to take off his pants to prove her innocence, Araragi then vows (to himself) to never open a conversation with Hachikuji with sexual harassment.


As expected this episode was also lovely and enjoyable. As we also don’t see the apparition this episode things are getting pretty climactic, Araragi is ‘meeting’ everyone again, maybe to refresh our minds and Karen and Tsukihi are being very mysterious. I can only speculate that the next episode will actually involve the apparition as Karen was on her way to the caster (probably)!

There is also some interesting stuff that doesn’t surround the plot. The OP and ED. The ED is lovely and beautiful to watch and I now officially want the OST, but the intro looks tailor made to this apparition, the bee. There are bees flying around it in, a black and orange theme and what not. This is especially epic because if each introduction is apparition themed we can expect more amazing animation before the episode even starts that is related to what the episode is going to be about, loosely.

There was some lovely humour in this episode as well with Sengoku probably hiding her many pictures and love notes to Araragi in her closet, not to mention the sexual scene at her house. I think Araragi finally knows that she likes him because of his monologue and him declining her invitation (he wasn’t going to get dirty thoughts looking at her body).

What’s funnier is Kanbaru’s grandmother’s now tainted view on her. Remember she leaves that note up in front of their house or Kanbaru’s room.

That is probably because she’s thinking that Araragi is coming over to experience some sexual pleasure, I mean, Kanbaru was naked in her room on the phone with him!

While this episode didn’t really deliver much more than episode 1 it was still very, very good. The conversations were still gripping and each scene was effortlessly easy to watch. There wasn’t a moment that I wanted to pass any faster than it did, and plenty more I wanted to move slower. Nisemonogatari, so far, does seem to have some very underlying intellectual themes in it. Stuff which you enjoy knowing when you figure it out, it isn’t really hard its just awesome to know why something was done without being given it. I hate anime and media that do that. The art of telling a story isn’t literally telling the reader or viewer the emotions and motives of each character, it’s about conveying that through the use of narrative techniques which give the characters well… character and then that gives the reader or viewer the ability to decipher some of the cryptic stuff. Nisemonogatari does a very good job at this, just reading the series summary gave me a lot of understanding on the first episode which wouldn’t have been as prevalent if I otherwise didn’t. You know, why was Hitagi protecting him? Hurr durr, but I won’t go too deep into that this is the episode 2 review!

There isn’t really much more to say except that this episode is somewhat off a cliffhanger because I know what Karen is going to get involved in and I want to see it, badly. I am also ever more curious to see how his sisters handle these events because after all, Nisemonogatari is about Karen and Tsukihi!

I hope I am not just being a douche here and giving the episodes 10/10 all the time, but by God do they deserve it.

Episode rating: 10/10

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