Azumanga Daioh – 05 Review

Azumanga Daioh – 05 Review

Awesome-sauce! It turns out I was right, or at least for now, about Kimura being the last introduced character. This episode was totally funny in both the style and events that occurred. Very promising and utterly, utterly stupid (in a good way, Ayumu).

Episode summary:

We start out with Yukari hurriedly entering the classroom, she appears to be angered in some way but it turns out she isn’t when she asks the class where they are going for the upcoming summer break! A few students reply and say that they are going to New Zealand and on an Astronomy Camp, she replies to both with “My, how wonderful.” in the exact same manner. Report cards are given out and cut-scene to summer break with Sakaki walking down a road and spotting the infamous cat that bit her a few episodes ago. She is stunned by it’s cuteness and attempts to pet it when guess what…

…she get’s bitten again.

We then see Minamo visit Yukari’s house for whatever reason. It turns out Yukari has dropped any kind of socially acceptable lifestyle during the break and is sleeping during the day and partying hard at night, as judged by her apartment, however, dismissed by her tight-ass financial attitude (see the fireworks later).

Minamo makes Yukari write a schedule of things to do, she draws a 60:40 pie chart for free time and sleep respectively. Yukari then asks Minamo if she wants to go out some time and they eventually decide to go to the school pool after Yukari chucks a fit on the floor stating that it’s better to go outside than be lazy, right?

At the (school) pool Yukari makes a huge scene in her bikini as she bathes, pumps up a shark super-energetically and swims with it in lane 8. She ends up distracting everyone.

We then cut to Tomo explaining that herself, Koyomi and Ayumu will be going to Chiyo’s house today in her energetic usual self. Koyomi cannot take the embarrassment of Tomo shouting in a public place and tries to move away, Tomo manages to make her stay and does the exact same sequence again but without shouting, however, not before Ayumu does her usual idiot moment (which is extremely funny).

Afterwards Tomo subtly makes fun of Koyomi’s posture, Ayumu comments on their single relationship status stating, after Tomo complements Koyomi’s body posture that they don’t “…have any boyfriends to show that off to.”. We then see more of Sakaki approaching the cat and getting bitten, again.

The girls, (Koyomi, Tomo and Ayumu) then arrive at Chiyo’s mansion of a house and are afraid that the door bell will destroy them as you see in some films. They cautiously enter and are extremely polite. They all move into Chiyo’s room and discuss what they are going to do this summer break, as Ayumu queries as to why they don’t do most of the things they said we find out it’s because of money issues. This is when Chiyo offers for everyone to go to her summer home, Tomo and Koyomi are stunned that she has yet another home! Ayumu clearly doesn’t know what a summer home is because this happens:

Afterwards we are back at the train station where Ayumu spaced out as everyone prepares to go to Chiyo’s. Sakaki was also invited and Yukari and Minamo are tagging along as well, Tomo makes a rather cruel joke stating that it was wrong to invite Sakaki. It’s funny because of how over-energetic she is.

Tomo then jumps up and down in front of the cars shouting: “Cars. Yay! Yay!”.

The group then decide who is going in what car, Yukari’s or Minamo’s. Chiyo says that Yukari should take 3 people because her car is bigger to which Minamo replies: “The fewer dead the better, right?”. Immediately after recovering from their stun the girls go into an epic rock-paper-scissors battle. Chiyo and Ayumu lose and are literally scared to near-death because of Yukari’s driving.

Upon arriving at the summer home, and after Chiyo and Ayumu recover from their NDE, everyone has a ball. Tomo tries to karate chop a watermelon on the beach, and they eventually go swimming while Yukari and Minamo sun bathe and Ayumu and Sakaki discuss  haemorrhoids (not sure the translation was correct there, Google what a haemorrhoid is…). The discussion between Ayumu and Sakai, or rather, Ayumu mindlessly talking is especially entertaining. Ayumu eventually brings up riding dolphins and Sakaki has a little dream about it.

As the day closes the group head back to the house and tell scary stories, since no one has a story to tell which is interesting or scary Tomo karate chops Chiyo on the head out of no where and tries to force Yukari and Minamo to tell us some ‘stories’, and I think this was leaning towards the sexual side.

As Yukari and Minamo are both single they cannot deliver and Yukari comments on Minamo’s relationship status stating that she “…wasn’t single last summer.”, this angers Minamo.

Afterwards they all head down to the beach to use the sparklers and Yukari is going crazy with them. Minamo says that she is only “…excited about them now, since she didn’t have to pay for them.”.

We then see Ayumu try and scare Chiyo with a sparkler but fail completely.

Afterwards Chiyo and Koyomi discuss the events that have passed and Chiyo cries because she is bad at rock, paper, scissors and fears she might have to ride in the Yukari-mobile again. As the episode draws to a close we see Sakaki once more trying to pet the cat that has bitten her finger 3(?) times now. This time as she approaches the cat but it runs away.

At school Tomo is showing the pictures to Kaori who then spots ones of Sakaki in a bikini and sleeping next to Tomo. As Kaori has a crush on Sakaki she is completely shocked and feels terrible that she couldn’t go.

Sakaki is reviewing the pictures and Ayumu is spewing out mindless garbage which puzzles the group.

Finally Yukari walks in and asks the class how their summer break was, the same two students at the beginning of the episode exclaim their disappointment with their trips and Yukari replies in the exact same tone to both with: “Oh my, that’s too bad.”.

Yukari then rests on her desk asking when the winter break is, as she is summer-break-hungover.


What can I say except that this episode is pure awesomeness, I think that is already evidence enough through the amount of .GIFs I included in this post. To be more concise it was so funny because of Yukari’s fits in her apartment, Ayumu’s idiocy and Tomo’s overly-energetic attitude – as always.

I mean, what’s not funny about Yukari screaming on the floor in her apartment and making a huge scene at the pool? Coupled with Ayumu’s spacing out at the train station and at the end of the episode and we have 3 comedy hits already.

I especially liked the sequence with Ayumu’s chibi trying to put a firework beneath Chiyo simply because she looked so awesome and was doing the crab beforehand. There was also some interesting stuff in this episode as well, besides humour.

As it turns out Kaori has a crush on Sakaki, like a big one. There was a hint in the first episode when she failed to invite Sakaki to her astronomy club but when she got mad at herself and started asking Tomo why she didn’t go after she saw Sakaki in a bikini and sleeping in bed with Tomo it became obvious. This could prove to be another humorous addition to the series, Kaori having a crush on Sakaki has absolutely no confidence around her at all so and many mistakes would be made, correct? Let’s face it, humour is largely people making fools of themselves – that is kind of contradicted in this series though :D

The style of this anime is becoming increasingly great. Sure the actual visual quality is on the lower end but that doesn’t make it any less interesting as each overly exaggeration character intertwines with the next.

Episode rating: 9/10

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