Azumanga Daioh – 04 Review

Azumanga Daioh – 04 Review

This episode was a right laugh a half. Kimura, the zombie-pervert teacher who looks munted and walks around with his jaw open 24/7 is extremely funny, not to mention there are more of Yukari and Minamo’s antics amongst the regular energetic Tomo and infinitesimally slow Ayumu. This gives the rest of the series hope, as it has been rather hilly up to this point.

Episode summary:

This episode starts off with Kimura, the perverted teacher, explaining some proverb. He tells the students to carefully think about their career choices and take it seriously because there are “many forks to get lost in” during life.

Not surprisingly enough, yet not the least bit less humorous, Tomo instantly raises her hand to ask Kimura why he became a teacher.

He shouts his reply: “Because I like high school girls and things!”, there is now silence.

Later on the girls discuss Kimura and everyone’s newly discovered information, they then go and get changed for P.E. in the pool. Ayumu spots Sakaki and dubs her as an American because of her large breasts. Tomo overhears this and jumps over to join in where Ayumu then dubs her as Japanese for her smaller breasts, which is funny simply because she stares at them for a few years and Tomo’s reaction is completely over the top.

Since Ayumu is commenting on everyone’s boobies Koyomi decides to split the categories up into three groups, which also works to humiliate Tomo and Ayumu. She says that there is the American group, like Sakaki, the Japanese group like two other individuals whose breasts are half way in-between Sakaki’s and Tomo’s then there is the Chiyo group, Tomo and Ayumu quickly put themselves in the Japanese group. Koyomi corrects them saying that they are actually in Chiyo’s.

Chiyo has absolutely no idea what is going on and Ayumu calls her a traitor because Koyomi tells her (Ayumu) that Chiyo will probably outgrow her in a few years. Tomo decides to jump in again and they both start repeating traitor over and over again which confused Chiyo further.

As the girls go out to the pool Kimura is waiting outside and is very interested in their chest area. After staring at it for a good 10 seconds he turns his head, exhales a bit then walks off.

We cut to the pool where Minamo is giving the lesson instructions, Kimura pops up out of nowhere wearing God knows what and demands, without being aggressive in any way, that he joins in or at least gets to watch the girls. Personally I think that if Minamo wasn’t sitting next to him he’d be doing a bit more than watching.

Just look at her reaction and what he’s wearing!

Some exchange goes on between the girls, mainly Tomo calling Koyomi fat because she is so flexible. Kimura then explains that some plumbing in his house has broken probably because the rubber has grown dry and brittle, he then asks if Minamo is dry and brittle and get’s kicked out from the pool. Kimura ends up crying at the pool gate explaining that he just wanted to be by the pool for the “damp sensation…”.

We then see Tomo and Chiyo jump in the pool and it turns out Chiyo cannot swim, Sakaki saves her and we then feast upon Ayumu’s mind-exploding contemplations. She reasons that “dog-paddlin'” is called dog-paddling because dogs do it, therefore Chiyo dog-paddlin’ must be called Chiyo-paddlin’ instead.

Ayumu then asks Minamo how to swim, since she cannot. For some reason she always sinks to the bottom of the pool, even when she plays dead. Her face is pretty funny as she asks as well.

As Tomo explains that dead bodies float and essentially Ayumu just fails at swimming Yukari jumps into the pool. Having ditched her class she challenges Minamo to a “Steak Cup Relay”, Kimura also finds his way back into the pool as Yukari unlocked the gate, much to Minamo’s horror.

The two prepare to race and when Chiyo calls out “go” Minamo executes a perfect dive while Yukari belly flops straight in, she attempts to catch Minamo but cannot. At this point she resorts to cheating but her leg cramps up and she has to be rescued by Minamo. We then see a few sequences of all the other girls swimming and Osaka failing by swimming into the lane dividers in the pool.

After Minamo fixes Yukari’s cramp they prepare to race again, Yukari says that Minamo mustn’t cheat this time and jumps in before her, however, her leg cramps up during the ‘dive’ which turns into a massive belly flop, again.

Back in the classroom Tomo teases Chiyo a bit and says that because she’s nice she shall treat her, and everyone else to some soft serves even though it was a Steak Cup Relay. In the teachers office Yukari refuses to pay for Minamo’s steak and we then cut to the girls in the park as they spot Kimura.

Kimura is rustling in the bushes for God knows what (the camera he installed there?). The girls decide to follow him and Tomo conjures up some bogus story about him possibly being a murderer which scares the living daylights out of Chiyo. Kimura then donates ~$100 (10 000 Yen) to what reads “Donations of Love”, the girls ask him a few questions and he comes off as normal in their eyes. However, that is short lived because moments later and not 5 metres from the girls he says that he wanted to “….watch them changing so bad”.

The episode ends there.


So far the series has been an introduction of characters mixed with the antics of each group and individual. This episode was more or less the same as the others in terms of introducing characters, Kimura, however, there is one important difference. This episode, while another ‘introductory’ one had less of it. What I mean by that is, there is only one character to introduce and his introduction is part of the storyline for the episode. It wasn’t, “Hey, let’s introduce this guy and show you what he’s like. Done. Hey, let’s introduce you to the next guy and show you what he’s like. Done” as all the previous ones have been. The other episodes haven’t been bad because of this but they have been lacking a little. This introduction was better as it was more along the lines of: “Hey, let’s introduce this guy. Done. Roll storyline”, because of that we got to discover what kind of pervert Kimura is. Sure he tells us that he is one right at the start, but there are degrees of perversion.

 This works because we get to uncover just what kind of character he is ourselves, which is more natural and there is less introducing going on and more story telling, more funny moments with Tomo, Osaka and evidently, Kimura.

I hope Kimura is the last person to be introduced. This does seem to be true because of this episodes differing structure. If he is the last person this sounds both good and bad. Good because we can now have some serious funny stuff going on without having to worry about poor introductions, regardless of how well done this one was. It is also bad because there are still 22 episodes left and I wonder if the humour will run dry? I doubt it will otherwise the anime wouldn’t have been so long or received so many positive comments on BakaBT, but these are all just opinions – as is mine.

Moving on, this episode sure was funny. Proper funny. The subtleness of Osaka’s Ayumu’s stupidity, which can be blindingly obvious at times, coupled with Tomo’s excessive energetic personality is a golden combination. I hope these two pump out more increasing bizarre and outrageous skits so I can truly laugh my ass off. I did have a good chuckle this episode over Kimura’s immediate introduction and antics at the pool simply because of the type of person he is. The moment I saw him I knew he just looked wrong, and he is. However, you gotta love him. It’s not like he is trying to touch the girls – he just watches (for now?).

I am starting to get the feeling that Yukari is less of a teacher and more of a person-who-just-so-happens-to-‘teach’-kids-at-school-type, much like the reason Kimura became a teacher was to look at girls and ‘things’, Yukari has become one simply because she got stuck with it or because Minamo did? Or, could it be, that she was once passionate about teaching?

I say this because Yukari has ditched her class this episode, turning it into a Study Hall, simply to go to the pool. She also has a passion for ditching her English teaching to become a P.E. teacher, or at least trying to move the class out onto the pool. In a previous episode she also said, “…Oh is it time already. Teachers done for the day.” when the bell rung. So, it really does seem like something she does because she is or has to, rather than something she enjoys. That being said, she does have fun with the students when they cause a commotion.

The other humour in this episode was mainly along the lines of small situations, much like Kimura calling Minamo dry and brittle. These are excellent because they provide lovely chuckles, essentially time to breath, between the main ‘events’ or humorous moments in each episode, or especially this one.

Because of these reasons this episode really does deserve:

Episode rating: 9/10

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