Azumanga Daioh – 03 Review

Azumanga Daioh – 03 Review

This episode did prove to be better than the last and maybe give some hope for the rest of the series, as hard as it is to review already as each episode is so independent. However, we do learn more about Yukari – most notably that she is a raging alcoholic given the chance!

Episode summary:

We start off with Chiyo walking into the teachers office to meet with Minamo the P.E. teacher who is also Yukari’s school friend. Chiyo receives her swimsuit right as Yukari walks in asking if Minamo wants to go drinking after school all while she performs this dance.

Yukari then sits down as Minamo scolds her on how untidy she is at school, Minamo asks for her dictionary back and as Yukari pulls it out from underneath her plethora of books everything comes crumbling down in true Jenga style.

Remarkably Chiyo manages to hold everything back but eventually her arms give way and she gets consumed by the pile of books and begs Yukari to organise her desk. Chiyo then tells the others that Minamo and Yukari are childhood friends and guess what, Tomo exclaims that herself and Koyomi are of a higher rank since they have been childhood friends from a earlier period. Chiyo is disappointed because she doesn’t have anyone she has been friends with since grade school, which is funny. If you don’t get it it’s because she is what, 5 grades ahead for her age.

Tomo then goes off on some huge sidetrack about a stale sandwich was in Koyomi’s desk back in school, nothing too major.

Minamo then approaches the girls and they ask what kind of student Yukari was back in school, as she is about to answer Yukari walks by signing “love letter, love letter” over and over which stops Minamo from telling the girls the truth.

Back in class two students (male) are discussing which of their teachers is hotter, Yukari or Minamo, as they decide Yukari walks behind one of them and as the other was about to say “the obvious choice is Minamo” he changes it to Yukari, the other cops a nice bash on the head after he laughs at his reply as if it was some kind of joke exclaiming that he must be a comedian.

There are then a few scenes of students in the class talking about getting help from Minamo which angers Yukari, she is jealous of Minamo’s popularity.

Yukari decides to force a game of basketball on the class and starts teasing Chiyo because she cannot reach the ball, Minamo comes in and saves the day absolutely owning everyone. All the girls, except Yukari, huddle around her in awe of her speed and raw skill. Yukari snaps.

After Yukari fails to give a shaken Coke to Minamo, which she stupidly tried to open still, she visits Minamo’s house, comes on in and immediately takes her (Minamo’s) bed and goes to sleep. She is amazed at the comfort of Minamo’s pillow and continues to poke it for a minute or so.

Afterwards a package arrives at the door for Minamo from her uncle, Yukari immediately wakes up, steals the package and opens it. Disgusted that the package doesn’t contain food in the order of crabs and stew she attempts to call Minamo’s uncle demanding he resend her (yes, Yukari) some food instead. The two break out into a fight over appearances, since the package contained an ornament which Minamo wants to display. Yukari exclaims that Minamo could never find a boyfriend because she was always obsessed with her appearances and they start pulling on each others faces. All of this happens in front of the postman who just wants the package signed so he can go.

Afterwards the two decide that they want to go out drinking and they meet a foreigner who speaks English. Subtitled as “blah” with some funny audio Yukari and the stranger talk about how P.E. teachers are amazingly stupid from both Japan and wherever the foreigner comes from.

Koyomi and Tomo then show up and find Ayumu who says some weird stuff which ends up in Tomo and herself wanting to sing loudly and slip on a Banana peal respectively, as they contemplate this Minamo and Yukari roll past in a fight.

We then see Minamo and Yukari at a bar/restaurant where we learn about just how much Yukari loves to drink as you can see from the picture above and the fact that she leaves the place wasted as anything. Furthermore, Yukari cannot use chopsticks correctly as she holds them parallel instead of at an angle. Frustrated at her failure she throws the chopsticks into Minamo’s face and drinks some more to cheer herself up. Yukari then collapses onto the floor from being uncontrollably drunk and tired, she staggers outside with Minamo’s help.

The episode finishes with Yukari making a big scene outside the front of the restaurant after throwing up.


I honestly don’t understand how these two are friends. This was clearly an episode to introduce Minamo and the relationship she has with the students and Yukari which is obviously one of love and hate. Maybe these two became friends because of some common problem or they secretly could never split up, despite how mad they make each other.

Tomo’s consistent extreme personality and actions made for some decent hilarity, especially because of the faces she pulled during her story, which was cool. However, what I don’t understand is how those students find their teachers attractive? Are these two super models of some kind in their eyes? I know some men in Japan have perversions but isn’t that usually in the format of older men towards younger women and not vice versa?

Anyway, it will be funny to see what kind of other torture Yukari can put Minamo through especially since she gets so mad from her popularity and Minamo gets angry over Yukari’s consistent insults about P.E. teachers being stupid and the fabled “love letter” which we may or may not find out about.

Episode rating: 6.6/10

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