Azumanga Daioh – 02 Review

Azumanga Daioh – 02 Review

It turns out this anime really is about nothing, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t enjoyable. It’s like the Simpsons or Futurama, you either love it or hate it. Unless you’re one of those people who can do half-half. Pssh.

Episode Summary:

This episode starts out with Ayumu spacing out at a zebra crossing and in class as she contemplates her previous life in Osaka, wrapped with slang ‘an all, mate. Ayumu then spots Chiyo in class and asks Koyomi about her, after she finds out about her genius she makes a completely incorrect comparison to a boy in her old neighbourhood.

Cut-scene to the bathroom where Ayumu takes literally 20 minutes to apply soap to her hands, all while the water is running (aren’t utilities extremely expensive in Japan?), she then drops the soap and her cloth which was previously in her mouth.

We then go back into the classroom where Ayumu is chasing one of those bubble things which you can sometimes see on your eyes, you know the ones that move away as you look towards them. While Ayumu is busy spacing out Sakaki spots a cockroach and the class turns into a frenzy of avoiding it, most predictably Tomo jumps up exclaiming that she will destroy this evil demon and save everyone.

Tomo ends up hitting Chiyo and Koyomi ‘accidentally’ but does eventually kill the cockroach, all while Ayumu is still chasing that bubble thing. The class then moves outside for P.E. and Ayumu and Chiyo have a race, she loses. The class now play some volleyball and Tomo ‘accidentally’, again, ends up hitting Chiyo in the back of the head as she serves, the teacher then decides it would be best if people got some practice before a full on game so Ayumu and Chiyo pair up.

As Ayumu throws the ball to Chiyo and vice versa each one puts their arms up trying to catch it, they always miss and the ball hits them smack bang on-top of the head.

This happens about 20 times much like how Peter on family guy cries when he hits his knee.

It is now lunch time and Ayumu is struggling to bring back her tray from the cafeteria. Much to her delight she makes it “back, safe and alive”. She tries some of Koyomi’s super hot chilli pepper croquette even though she is no good with spicy food.

Afterwards when walking back to class she develops hiccups and the group try and cure her. They try drinking water, drinking water with her nose and ears blocked, drinking water off of chopsticks, smacking her on the back, hitting her solar plexus, holding her breath, gouging her eye balls and pulling on her tongue all of which fail miserably and had about as good a chance curing her as they did making her look sane.

Anyway as they are all out of ideas now Koyomi tells Ayumu to “give it to someone else” and somehow she does as Chiyo then ‘catches’ the hiccups immediately after Ayumu is cured of them.

As the episode draws to a close we see a series of mind-exploding contemplations Ayumu spent all day at school well… contemplating. She reasons that because sharks are fish and dolphins are mammals snails must be bugs. She also tests if Chiyo’s pigtails are linked and detachable and to her horror she finds out that they are.

As it turns out Ayumu was sleeping in class which makes sense since she spaces out every other breath of her life. The episode then closes with Yukari scolding Ayumu for sleeping and some pedobear thing waving goodbye.


This episode didn’t really hit the spot for me. Sure there were some funny moments due to each characters extremely exaggerated personality (especially Tomo’s), but the rest of the episode felt like a filler. It was really slow moving and full of super slow reactions or useless repetition.

As it turns out this anime really does have no plot. Each episode is completely separate from any collective storyline, sure there might be one but it’s existence would be something like infinitesimal. I doubt we shall see some character development or anything remotely related to that. I do, however, hope that the next few episodes and the rest of the series picks up mainly because I want to watch something hilarious, as this is based on a comedy manga, and so that I have something to actually write about because there was nothing in this episode!

Episode rating: 5.5/10

Oh and as a side note, I found the actual advertisement break section thing. Turns out the cooking animations from the previous episode were actually part of it, weird as.

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