Azumanga Daioh – 01 Review

Azumanga Daioh – 01 Review

BakaBT lists this anime’s categories as: comedy, school life, daily life, slice of life and a few others. I like these kinds of anime, however, I had no idea what the hell was going on in this episode. It wasn’t bad, it was funny, but I just don’t know what was going on… well, I did a little.

Episode summary:

The episode starts out with Yukari Tanizaki, the English teacher, riding to school. She is late and her bike breaks down. A student comes over to help and she steals his bike. Upon arriving at school she enters ‘Class 3’ and starts bragging about her se-c-ret sizes before what I assume is the class rep, informs her that this is Class 4. She then uneventfully enters class 3, almost as if she is tired.

The genius exchange student is introduced, Chiyo Mihama and then this cooking sequence starts up.

I have no idea if it is the before and after for a advert break, because it happens twice and there is also a third event that looks like space for advertising as well. That’s 3 advert breaks for a 20 minute episode. I have to be wrong here.

Anyway, there are then a series of scenes in the classroom of Chiyo displaying her heightened intelligence, as per the request of her class mates, after which some teacher I have no idea about tells everyone to get to the front if you didn’t do your homework. 

Chiyo is literally shaking at the knees and crying as she explains why she didn’t do hers, after which there is more cooking! But wait, there’s more confusing ‘ad breaks’. Immediately after the second cooking sequence, which was probably 2-3 minutes after the first, there is ANOTHER advertisement section thingy. I assume the cooking ones are then just playful, but what is the point for them?

After the break Chiyo is collecting school forms and meets Miss Sakai, a tall and shy girl who is apparently feared by a few people for a reason I hope we find out later. Sakai is almost invited to the Astronomy Club when she accidentally scares away Kaori by asking “Would I also?” after Kaori fails to complete her sentence.

Sakai is then bitten by a cat twice, and we now get a glimpse of Tomo Takino, an energetic and slightly annoying (to other characters) individual. She challenges people randomly to things she clearly cannot win as she loses against Sakai in a 100m race and ‘draws’ with Chiyo as they both do not know the answer to a question in class.

Towards the end of the episode we are introduced to another character, Ayumu “Osaka” Kasuga who is, you guessed it, from Osaka. Tomo quickly dubs her as Osaka and picks on her for a little claiming that she isn’t from Osaka because she doesn’t have awesome comebacks, doesn’t start on people and fails to include takoyaki in her lunch.

However, this is dismissed when Ayumu jabs Tomo with “Why the heck?” after the takoyaki claim. It was a pathetic jab though :D

The episode ends after Ayumu is dubbed as Osaka by Tomo and spaces out in class, respectively.


This episode, while it was a bit of a WTF fest, was funny and entertaining. This anime looks like it’s going to be a good watch and have some funny moments, especially from Tomo, as she is so careless, energetic and outgoing.

Each of the main characters has a different personality and they seem to match with each other but not without some squeezing and possible drama. If these people do develop a group at school and do things outside of it I think those events will be the most entertaining.

This anime looks like a realism series, and I like that, it is always entertaining when one can pull off a good story without having to use supernatural themes. Don’t get me wrong though I also love supernatural anime.

There isn’t really much else to comment on for the first episode because nothing has really happened which wasn’t already said in the episode summary, I don’t really see a plot so far other than general activities such as going to school, doing stuff at school, leaving and doing stuff outside of school. But it’s still good like that.

I do love the style of this anime so far though, the faces each character is pulling and the way they are doing things. Hopefully they keep that up consistently and maybe make it a bit more pronounced, if either of those happen it will make for a great series or boost its epic-ness even more.

I couldn’t really give this episode a huge rating because nothing especially awesome has happened, hopefully something does. It was entertaining and fun to watch, gave me a few laughs here and there.

Episode rating: 7/10

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